Sunday, 14 August 2016

16:11   14/08/2016  Mr G 

Here's a simple Question Maurice:

As you pointed out that since 2015 Palestinian terror attacks by the numbers:
147 Stabbings
51 Shootings
30 Car Rammings
1 Suicide Bombing

37 Israelis dead.      Now the Clown talks about the slaughter of Palestinians by Israelis. Really? NAME THEM When and where this slaughter happened over the same period.

This Maurice is where I become a Physic (I know you don't believe in this) but I will now predict the future. This Clown will not be able to answer the question. IMPOSSIBLE!. . Oh I forgot to mention . When a Palestinian attacks an Israeli with a knife, a gun a car etc shooting this scum does not count as the IDF do what you would do if someone attacked you and attempted to murder you . So name a dates and places that Israeli savagery by the IDF is carried out please. Don't hold you breath M.

Yours G

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