Sunday, 7 August 2016

Breaking News: Wonderful news for Israel and yet again terrible news for the Israeli haters:World Vision announced that they will not receive funds from Germany and Australia who have now joined a growing number of countries throughout the world.stopping funding after finding out its been stolen by Hamas to buy arms and build their tunnels of evil.

World Vision announced on Friday that it will not receive funds from the German government because Hamas are misusing the funds to buy arms. Hamas have been caught red handed siphoning off 7.2.million dollars a year that was meant to be for the welfare of children in need in Gaza. One Palestinian told our reporter: " Hamas is our real enemy who would rather buy arms and build tunnels than feed are children, the world should know this!"

Meanwhile a number of tunnels of evil collapsed in Gaza killing all who were part of the construction team.

Now some great news for Gaza: For over six years Transportation Minister Israel Katz has been telling everyone prepared to listen that the Gaza Strip needs its own seaport, and that the territory’s two million people need a trading outlet to the rest of the world.

Driven by the idea that a port would be a strategic game-changer that would improve life for Gazans and significantly improve Israel’s diplomatic and security situation, Katz has, since 2010, been promoting the idea of building an island to host the port.

Now, it seems, his proposal is advancing closer to reality than at any point in the past, as the cabinet prepares to resume discussions of the proposal, which also has the support of the Israeli defense establishment.

Katz recalled how, after the late prime minister Ariel Sharon withdrew every Israeli soldier and civilian from Gaza in 2005, he asked him what was next for the Strip’s residents. Successive prime ministers after Sharon have struggled to come up with an answer.

The result, Katz said, is that the Hamas regime has been able to exercise absolute control over their lives, North Korea-style. Israel, meanwhile, has been accused of choking the Strip’s economy, despite its many efforts to truck in goods, and irrespective of the fact that Israel left the Strip more than a decade ago. To top it all off, Israel and Hamas have waged three wars since the disengagement, and Jerusalem has thus far been forced to fight one round after another against Gaza’s terrorist factions.

A port for Gaza could solve all of those problems, though it would not make Hamas change its spots, Katz argued. It would relieve international diplomatic pressure over Gaza, provide a restraining factor for Hamas’s military wing, which would be forced to think twice before risking an improving Gazan economy and risk infuriating Gazans with another military adventure against Israel, and it would provide Gaza’s civilians with much needed humanitarian and economic relief.

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