Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The poor Palestinians, held in a concentration camp, no water., brutalized everyday by Israelis . Must be terrible to live in Gaza with nothing to do.

Come with me lets look around this terrible concentration camp.... By the way Hamas has continued to apply to YouTube to take this off. I wonder why. Egg over face comes to mind!!!

Do you morons want to know what a real concentration looks like....????

How these people would love to live here in  Gaza ...

How about this,  a Mumbai Slum..How these people would love to live in Gaza and not live in a  rat infested slum where the open sewers run past their home , even some times in them!

Hard to believe this FRANCE! Yes. this is what a concentration camp really looks like.

How these children that live in European slums would love Gaza ...

And the parents of the European slums would love the life in Gaza .....

So isnt it time you ask yourselves: 'Is someone taking the piss here?'

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