Monday, 22 August 2016

Here is a very difficult question that might be hard to answer from a group of morons who can hardly string two words together..

QUESTION: Why is Israel Bombing Gaza none stop at this moment?

ANSWER: To stop the rockets that are been fired into Israel all day yesterday.

NEXT MORE DIFFICULT QUESTION: Name one country that wouldn't do the same to protect their people. Answer: YOU CAN'T!

Do Hamas give a fuck about their people? Do they? Don't they know that Israel will retaliate  and retaliate hard possibly killing innocent Palestinians. Hamas then in turn will hold up some dead child and say 'Look what Israel has done boo hoo hoo'. Sorry, this just doesn't wash. You started it now ask yourself : who is to blame?  If you hadn't attacked Israel that child would still be alive you fucking savage!

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