Saturday, 27 August 2016


So how do the scum anti Semites, sorry again anti Zionists, work? It's simple, they just Google anything that they can find (and thats easy) which is full of hatred against Jews and Israel. They normally find what they are looking for on some obscure website and of course the easy root on they will fibd all the hatred they are looking for on conspiracy theorists ridicules Facebook's, blogs etc. The golden rule for these morons is to NEVER copy anything good or positive about Jews or Israel and ALWAYS blame them for EVERYTHING.

So let me give you an example how this works. You will never read this on any of their dirty media outlets... This type of reporting really hurts them. So here i go.......

Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has sent a thank you to Israel's Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for sending in their Search and Rescue team.

One of the first countries to come to the aid of Italy's worst ever Earthquake is Israel.

Israel's world famous Search and Rescue teams made it to the the epicenter hours after the earthquake hit Italy. Italy's Jewish communities immediately mobilized putting together fund raising for the victims and their families.

IsraelAID and Israel relief organization, was hard at work giving vital assistance following the devastating earthquake that struck Italy on Wednesday.

Thanks to the support of the Ted Arison Family Foundation, IsraAid has dispatched a 20-member staff of search and rescue, relief and trauma specialists, and is currently the only foreign humanitarian non-profit, non-governmental aid organization on the ground. The team, wearing blue and orange, is working alongside their local Italian counterparts.

n Rome, Italy’s largest Jewish community began a blood drive and vowed to raise money to help the victims of the quake, according to Adam Smulevich from the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI).

“Our hearts are heavy with concern for our brothers in the area impacted by the earthquake,” Shalom Bahbout, chief rabbi of Venice, told The Jerusalem Post.

At least 281 people died and hundreds more remain missing.

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