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Rio Olympics 2016: 'They Don't Want You There Israel'
Your going to love this. You know how The Clown gets almost everything wrong and needs to go back years to dig up any shit he can, well this will make you laugh: After reading your reports on how well Israel is doing in the Olympics and the disgusting behavior of some Muslims countries against Israel at the games, he was obviously desperate to find a report on the continuation of the Arabs boycott against the Israelis at Rio Olympics and BINGO he found one.

He headed it 'They Don't Want You There Israel' The report reads: 'Tunisia's Malek Jaziri has given a walkover against Israel's Amir Weinstraub by refusing to play against the Israeli as he was asked to do by the Tunisian Tennis Federation. The news was confirmed by Tunisia's state agency'

Fair enough I though. But then I researched the report (This is something he and a few other bloggers on my radar don't know how to do!) and saw This was NOT the Rio Olympics 2016 but the Quarterfinal of ATP Challenger Tennis tournament in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Whoops got it sort of wrong there CoCo, big difference in playing a small tournament in Uzbekistan than the enormity of the Olympics!!! !!!

Some more of the report: The Muslim player was sent an email by his country's federation, which barred him from playing.

Tunisia's state news agency says the national federation sent an email to Jaziri that stated "you are ordered not to play against the Israeli player." A people of peace springs to mind.

So there you have it! The self proclaimed Circus act got it all wrong again bless him. Keep searching boy, your sure to find some real dirt to feed your apatite of hatred and if you don't there's always those naked women you love to copy and paste. Yours Mr G. .

13.51 13/08/2016 Mr G

Sorry me again. The Clown gets it so wrong again!!! This idiots rhetoric of hatred knows no bounds!

He published this headline about Israel's Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked:

Israeli lawmaker calls for genocide of Palestinians:

Again if he did a little research he would have seen that last June, when a posting appeared on HER Facebook by a settler activist. It described the entire Palestinian people as “the enemy,” called youths who become “martyrs” while attacking Israelis “snakes” and said their mothers should “go to hell” with them.

Bloggers accused her of promoting genocide. She deleted the post as soon as she hd seen it but unfortunately it was on all day as she was at work. She followed it up by writing an open article attacking the attackers.

It was a mistake I should never have allowed an 'open' Facebook forum and have now changed the status ,” Ms. Shaked said in the interview, a day before her swearing-in. “I’m doing a lot of mistakes, like every human being.”

Ms. Shaked was the asked about Arab citizens. She said they “should be an integrated part of the Israeli society,” denied they face discrimination and said more spots should be created for them to do national service in lieu of the military.

OOOPS they've got it wrong again! Do they ever do any research???

The Lie: Ibiza: The council agreement essentially declares the area of Santa Eulalia a “Space Free of Israeli Apartheid” and calls on the municipal government to execute the boycott agreement.

The Truth: Samuel Parra, the city council Santa Eulalia  spokesman, denied that the municipality had voted to boycott Israel. He said that the city council did NOT vote to support a boycott against Israel.

He iterated that it is the council’s policy NOT to discriminate based on faith and religion.

Time for more truth's and lets cut out the lie's

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