Thursday, 23 January 2014

Back in the early 90’s I launched my first television series Boland Live produced by Martin Woods of Smithwood productions. This one hour show went out live every Wednesday at 1pm. An array of guests were flown in from UK to star in the show including royal ballet star Wayne Sleep, Beatle John Lennon’s wife Cynthia, Paul McCartney’s Brother Scaffold star Mike McGear , comedians Faith Brown, Nina Mishcove, Chris Heany the man who invented Trivial Pursuit and Lind Nolan to name but a few I'ts Linda who I would like to pay tribute to this morning: The Nolan family moved from Dublin to Blackpool in 1962 and launched a family singing group, The Singing Nolans, The original line-up comprised of her singing parents, brothers Tommy and Brian and sisters Anne, Denise, Maureen and Bernie. The family performed even as the five girls all went to school by day and performed at local clubs at night. In 1974, the daughters began performing as The Nolan Sisters and made their television debut on Cliff Richard's TV show. The line-up by then included youngest sister Coleen. They began regular appearances on variety and comedy shows, including Summertime Special, The Morecambe & Wise Show and The Two Ronnies. In 1975, the five elder sisters supported Frank Sinatra on a European tour. Huge success followed The Nolan Sisters including their biggest No1 hit ‘I’m In The Mood For Dancing’
I met Linda when she appeared on my TV show. Normally my guest are flown over on a Tuesdays they have dinner with me as a sort of get to know each other and If you watch the clip from my show below you will hear Linda’s not so complimentary feelings about ME when we first met!!! In liked Linda and we got on very well. She has since appeared on my radio show a number of times. Linda came with her husband Brian Hudson who struck me as a bit of an odd ball but pleasant enough. He drank a lot (whisky) and I mean a lot which must have been difficult for Linda to cope with. He was involved with an incident a few years after they were with me in Spain. Linda by then a solo act was starring with her very close friend comedian Frank Carson at Blackpool, money kept disappearing from Franks dressing room, so security set up a hidden camera which filmed Linda’s husband Brian stealing the money. He was arrested and charged. All highly embarrassing for Linda. Brian died in 2007.
Linda soldered on with her solo career performing in the role of Maggie May at Blackpool's Central Pier for 10 years, clocking up more than 1,000 performances and toured with Prisoner Cell Block H – The Musical. The Nolans announced in June 2009 that they were reforming for a UK and Ireland tour. Four members – Coleen, Bernie, Linda and Maureen – undertook the tour, in October and November 2009. The two other sisters, Anne and Denise, were not involved. Ann appeared on my radio show after writing her biography Anne’s Song which caused further upset for the family when she claimed she was sexually abused by her father from the age of 11 to 15.
The reunion however sparked a split in the family as Anne has appeared in the press stating that she has been excluded from the tour despite being a long-serving member of the group. She has also issued a statement on her official website, which includes the comment: "they are not my sisters anymore". Denise also issued a statement in support of Anne, claiming that the real reason for the reunion was due to some of the sisters being in financial difficulty. Although the tour was a huge success this split in the family brought a lot of unhappiness to the sisters. On 28 October it was announced that the 2013 Farewell Tour had been postponed as a result of Bernie's breast cancer resurgence. Early in 2013, the tour was cancelled completely. Bernie died 4th July 2013 leaving the sisters devastated.
Linda in now a contestant in channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother and hit the headlines again when Jim Davidson (also a contestant) took a cryptic jibe at Linda referring to the incident of her late husband’s criminal charge for stealing money from Frank Carson this left Linda in tears prompting her sister Colleen to say she wanted Linda out of the Big Brother house after Jims bribes pushed her over the edge. I feel sorry for Linda, as I said sher’s a lovely person who has gone through a lot of heartache and stress in her life ( She was also diagnosed in 2006 with breast cancer As part of her treatment, had a breast removed)
I have met Jim Davidson and found his utterly rude and obnoxious. In my point of view his treatment of Linda was nothing more than bulling and I hope he shortly gets what he deserves!!! I wish Linda love a happiness in the future.


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  1. Thank you for this. Hope the family is well xx