Monday, 20 January 2014

It seems that some of my Facebook friends found the photographs I posted of the atrocities taking place in Syria both upsetting and unnecessary. I disagreed and stated that I make NO apology for posting these photographs admitting they were shocking and that’s exactly why I posted them to shock the readers into the reality in to what’s going on in Syria NOW! Diluting the truth will do nothing into shaming us to wake up to these unacceptable acts of savagery against humanity. . As I said I have no apology for posting these photographs and I hope that now it just might get others to do the same. The world needs to wake up before it's too late and these type of brutality end up on our doorsteps! But rather than continue to upset my FB friends I have decided to move the debate in its entirety onto my blog which as you will see includes all the comments for and against my actions that where placed on my Facebook earlier today.
This is the photograph that upset so many of you

This is my statement and the comments that followed:
When I ever post anything bordering on support for Israel I get the anti Israeli mob out in force pointing out what savages the Israelis are and yet the slaughter in Syria continues unabated...does anyone out there find it odd that Israeli building announcements get more exposure than pictures like this?

Diana Jefferson I think Facebook will take this pic down!
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Michael Nordahl Wallem Not sure if it's a good idea to post such barbaric pictures Maurice! In my humble opinion
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Johanna Surgenor images like these when aired in the media give a warning before you's a bit much on F.B news feed!!
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Mamapaula Blues Not good Mo!
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Bob James Well done Maurice .. the reality of the world is often ugly .. before anyone says they don't want to see it .. just imagine you were one of those beaten .. abused .. tortured .. would you not want someone to at least know what was happening.
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Mamapaula Blues There are 12 year olds on here,,, do you want to let your kids see these pictures?
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Bob James Yes . .it's the sad world we've handed on to the future generations . .maybe .. just maybe they will do something about
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Mamapaula Blues Kids need to learn the difference between whats right and what isn't. Do you seriously think seeing pictures like this will help that? We need to raise a generation that have respect Belfast in the 70s taught us that!
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Bob James Hiding wrong is not going to achieve that is it .. sweeping hatred .. greed .. corruption under a veil of 'Only good news allowed' just exacerbates the problems
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Mamapaula Blues To 12 year old kids……we now know where you stand!
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Bob James Yep .. on tje side of truth
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Bob James But surely .. would 12 year old kids be following people like Maurice .. or me ?
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Johanna Surgenor We are all well aware of the horror's in this world we live in!! just not sure shock tactics wanted or not! are the way to go, does start a good debate on an otherwise peaceful sunday morning so well done for that Maurice...
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Bob James Just a thought .. age restricions on Face Book .. if you're say under 16 .. you only get to see posts from others under 16 .. ?
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Maurice Boland I have absolutely no apology for the pictures.
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Barbie Weeks No apologies necessary hun. The truth is out there x
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Dave Syms My god that is sickening.I am and always will support Israel and defend Israel till the day I die.I dread to think what the middle east would be like without her.The cruelty in the world caused by misinterpred Islam is truly awful.
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Carole Wayne Can't agree more Maurice - it seems there are so many anti-Israel people out there. However I feel that this is through ignorance and the excellent PR of the Palestinians !!
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Emilio Ibrahim All of you MUST see those barbaric pictures and videos, we are getting killed and slaughtered by terrorists that YOUR governments fund
Syrian kids are getting killed on their way to school and bombed on their way home and raped, and you are complaining about posting (barbaric) picture on Facebook, if I were you I would hold my son's hand and bring him to the screen, and give him a real education by telling him that OUR GOVERNMENT is funding this
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David Ronnen Maurice my friend, as an israeli I can only say if you do good you're havewrong and you do wrong you will always be other words you can't win.lets start a debate as to how to make peace between Israel and the Palestinien.any ideas please to put forward?
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Maurice Boland Thanks David, But my post is NOT about opening a debate about the Israeli/Palestinian problem. It is to bring to the public attention the slaughter of innocent men , women and children in Syria and it deserves much more coverage than its getting.
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David Ronnen True!!
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Shirley Botchin And Israel is sending Doctors to Syria to help but that is never in the news
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David Ronnen Hi Shirley, just a small correction. Israel has treated so far 625 wounded syrian casualties in a Northenden hospital in Naharia. But no israeli doctors could enter Syria.
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Louisa Boardman Maybe keep the text but save the pics for yr blog?
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Pippa Jones You post these pictures as a platform to defend Israel and it´s human rights abuses? Whilst I feel there is a need for such images to be seen, I think that this context is way out of line and your text motivated by your own concern at criticism aimed at your beloved Israel, rather than an altruism based on atrocities within Syria. Love you Mobo, but I do think this a cheap shot!x
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David Ronnen The world is jealous of israelie records and achievements that's why its a target for such unabated criticisms. One day Israel will be fully vindicated not vilified miss PIPPA JONES.
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Pippa Jones Err....missing the point, David Ronnen. This is supposed to be about SYRIA.....!
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David Ronnen Pippa Jones. From your previous comment s I fail to understand me missing the point..
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Maurice Boland Pippa, The point is, agree or not agree with my personal views on Israel I'm pointing out that those whom are so quick to criticise Israel seem to be blinded to the atrocities in Syria, Egypt and the human rights abuses and atrocities in many Middle Eastern countries. Almost daily we read about a car bombs slaughtering innocent men, women and children and not a word of criticism. . .But a mention of Israel draws out the mobs. Pippa as I have pointed out this is not going to be turned into a political debate it's simply trying to bring attention to whats going on in Syria right NOW and needs to be continually brought to the public domain.
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Spain Linked ok i dont think you need to post so many graphic pics
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Maurice Boland Shocking aren't they? That's why I posted them to shock you and others into the reality in to whats going on in Syria NOW! Diluting the truth will do nothing into shaming us to wake up to this savagery against humanity. As I said I have no apology for ...See More
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Spain Linked errm dont agree with you. i think all you need to do is write some text, create a petition in causes with a less graphic photo and people will sign up
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Maurice Boland You mean soften the blow don't make it so horrendous. Sorry can't agree with you. But thankfully WE live in this part of the world that we are allowed to express out own points of view without intimidation, imprisonment and torture. I will never join the silent majority.
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Maurice Boland I have always believed that we have a moral duty to expose these acts of terrorism to bring to the attention of our readers and listeners in the most hard hitting way possible.
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Louisa Boardman Totally support you bringing attention of yr blog readers and radio listeners to causes you feel passionate about. But FB is a lighthearted social networking site- BBQ head and dead children pics could come with a warning maybe?
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You might have noticed that the first comment suggested that Facebook might remove these photographs. I had notification from Facebook yesterday evening that they were considering certain complaints about the gravity of these photographs. They still remain on my Facebook 24 hour later until I decided to remove them and place them on my blog

The posting also included 10 likes.


  1. After stating on my Facebook that I removed the photograph and placed it on my blog.. an interesting and sensible debate has broken out on my Facebook.

  2. The debate still continues unabated my Facebook should I or shouldn't I have posted the above photographs. Some say they are just to graphic others feel that they would have been better off posted here in the first instance. Someone reported them to Facebook but Facebook refused to move them. In respect for those Facebook friends I volunteered to move them onto my blog. Its been less than 24 hrs since placing them here and the blog has received over 1,100 page views!