Friday, 3 January 2014

As disgusting as the story I posted yesterday quite the opposite has been brought to my attention today. As we already know our future is our children and our children's children, unfortunately their future relies on us and looking around the troubled world at the moment it doesn't look like we are leaving them a lot to look forward to, no more so than in the Middle East. So Arab and Jewish children got together and delivered this message to us. We should listen to it and learn from it to make the world a better place for them. Listen to the video and start to love and note hate

The Arab Jewish Community Center operates as a multicultural center in
a variety of fields and promotes increasing understanding and tolerance
among individuals, from all age groups, facing the complex daily reality
of coming from different backgrounds and cultures.

Our Center is open to all religions, genders, nationalities and races and
allows people, as individuals and communities, to live together while
cooperating and maintaining their unique cultural identity.

The AJCC has ties with various organizations in Israel and the rest of
the world, in an effort to advance understanding and tolerance. Through
these ties, we exchange ideas, improving the services that we offer.

The Voices of Peace choir is a perfect example of one of our unique programs, as it promotes cooperation and tolerance while upholding democratic principles. We pray that the choir, along with our additional, diverse actionsm, will lead to a better, joint future.

The Voices of Peace, the Arab Jewish Community Center’s unique youth choir conducted by Idan Toledano, is comprised of Jewish, Muslim and Christian youths from Tel Aviv-Jaffa singing in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

Through its music and songs, the choir sends a message of peace, solidarity and real cooperation between nations and cultures. The Voices of Peace is unique, both for its members and for audiences; its importance lies not only in its words and songs, but also in the message that it conveys to its audiences, Arabs and Jews alike.

The choir has achieved a great deal of success in both the music and social realms and serves as a model for a successful educational and musical framework between cultures, as members get to know the “Other,” which leads to a better shared future.

The choir’s repertoire includes a variety of songs from unique musical styles, combining traditions and languages and creating fascinating, exciting performances, which have led to praise and positive feedback from audiences in Israel and abroad.

The choir has performed at numerous events including the memorial ceremony for prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, the Duet in Yaffo festival, various television programs, the Feast of Feasts Carnival, the Peres Center for Peace Ten Year Gala Event, functions in France, Belgium and England, as well as Foreign Ministry offices.

We hope that through the choir members and their songs we will be able to relay the message of peace, harmony and understanding among nations. Inshallah…

With all of my love and respect,
Ibrahim Abu Shindi
Director of the Arab Jewish Community Center in Jaffa

I hope your beginning to understand that love and understanding is so much better than hate. This is again an unique movement to bring Israelis and Palestinians together through music. Have a look you'll be amazed. MAKE 2014 a BETTER PLACE FOR OUR CHILDREN

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