Friday, 17 January 2014

Israel continues to contribute to our daily life whether it's through medicine, science or technology, in fact as your reading this YOU ARE using Israeli developed technology. Isn't sad that those of you out there who are not educated enough on the facts rather than fiction to know what Israel really contributes to our daily lives and sad to note those of you who spread such hatred towards Israel ignoring my posting on the real issues that threaten us in today's world, the action of Islamic Fundamentalists (see the posting immediately below)So if you are passion in really helping the word of hatred being spread against Israel stop for just one moment and consider what you are asking: You will need to stop using Israel developed Microsoft Windows operating system or just look at your computer now and you will see Intel Pentium Inside sign which tells you that it was developed in Israel.
Did you know that the miracle of instant messaging software was also developed in Israel along with PC anti-virus software or on Israel developments within your mobile phone or iPad. I would admire anyone who truly believes that Israel should be boycotted and did so properly instead of the usual boycotting by boycotting items you don't use anyway.Close your computer now and your mobile phone to show you are not some armchair bullshitter. Remember Facebook and Blogger are also developed by Israeli supporting Jews. Did you know that Israel has developed radiation free breast cancer diagnostic test? So if your wife,daughter or any member of your family need an urgent breast cancer scan are you going to be stupid enough to say NO if its developed in Israeli? I don't think so! One of their latest successes is the Gut-Cam this amazing pill that is a camera that shows the doctor where your problem is rather than having to use surgery!!! or the Israel developed Drip
Irrigation technology now being used to help feed the third world. Now ask your self this. Do you
really feel passionate enough to truly boycott Israel or do you think by bringing Israel to its knees could destroy is hugely important development in medicine, science and technology? Just this about it that's all I ask.

Israel has just announced this new piece of mobile phone technology: One does not usually associate high-tech with the alleviation of anxiety, but PowerMat Technologies co-founder Israeli Ran Poliakine claims that his venture does just that.
“Imagine a world in which you didn’t have to worry about how and where to charge your mobile phones, laptops and tablets every time you left home,”

Now that you decided that you truly want to boycott Israel rather than bullshitting. I am willing to help you. Start of by reading this list GOOD LUCK

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