Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I wonder how many men can relate to this? You're driving home when you get a call from your wife who asks where you are, when she hears that you are about to pass the supermarket she asks you would you pop in and pick up some fruit it should only take a second and whilst there just call just in case she has forgotten anything.
When inside the supermarket you call to receive further instructions!! Half an hour later your still there looking for the Spanish names on different items you've been asked in English to get! The last time I was asked to do this was to pick up a box of Christmas crackers (the ones that go bang with hats inside type and a stupid joke) I must have looked so stupid whilst miming pulling crackers and making bang sounds as I asked a poor shop assistant for help !! Then you stand in line at checkout, when at last you get to just one in front its a woman unloading her trolley with enough food to cause a shortage in Marbella, It always seems to happen to me that the one in front has forgotten to weigh her fruit so has to go back and get it weighed, she spends forever packing the goods into bags whilst having a conversation with the cashier!!! and all this should only TAKE A SECOND PROMISED MY DEAR WIFE, I DON'T THINK SO!!! So next time men when you see your wife is trying to call you keep driving until your past all shops, supermarkets etc until you answer

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