Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I see my ould mate Eddie Jordan has just spent £32 MILLION on a new 155ft super yacht with its own nightclub!!!

For those of you who don’t know who Eddie Jordan is, he one of the most recognised names in Formula1 racing. But myself and Eddie go back along way before he could afford the multimillion life style he lives now in fact when we first met he could hardly afford a bottle of wine!
Eddie Jordan grew up in Bray, County Wicklow, not far from where I was brought up . He set out on his life to become a dentist, but had a change of heart and ended up working for the Bank of Ireland as a clerk (as did Sir Terry Wogan). During Ireland famous bank strike, he went on holiday to the island of Jersey, where he watched and took part in kart racing for the first time. It was around this same time a young Eddie Jordan descended down the steps of my discotheque Club Elizabeth, having had one look at his scruffy appearance I had my door men turn him away. Club Elizabeth’s a the time boasted a who’s who of Dublin society and young Jordan certainly didn’t have the appearance of one I wanted in my club (I was such a bloody snob at the time) EDDIE JORDAN WAS TO REMINDED ME OF THE OCCURRENCE MANY YEARS LATER AND NEVER LET ME FORGET IT!!!!
Obviously bitten by the racing bug after his stint go carting Jordan moved on to Formula Ford, where he competed for two years, but was forced to sit out the 1976 season when he broke both his legs in a crash. After his injuries had healed, he switched to Formula Atlantic, won three races in 1977, and won the Irish Formula Atlantic Championship in 1978. Jordan and Stefan Johansson raced in British Formula Three in 1979, under the name "Team Ireland". The same year, Jordan drove in one Formula Two race and did a small amount of testing for McLaren. Deciding he was better off out of the car than behind the wheel and launched his management company Eddie Jordan Racing . Eddie, a hugely talented racing man, started to make his fortune by spotting young unknown talent and signing them up to his team including a host of drivers owe their breaks to Eddie. Drivers who have won Grands Prix who have driven for Eddie include world champions Damon Hill, Nigel Mansell, Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna, Johnny Herbert, Eddie Irvine, Ralf Schumacher, and John Watson all drove in Jordan cars. From what I understand Eddie would renegotiate their contracts with some of the biggest names in Formula1 for many of millions of dollars, he also had great skills at persuading leading brands to sponsor Jordan cars. Eddie sold his team then named Jordan Grand Prix and now is one of BBC’s top F1 pundits. Jordan keeps his personal helicopter, and has homes in Wentworth, South Kensington, London and Monaco, where he keeps his yacht. In March 2012, it was announced that Jordan had received an honorary OBE for services to charity and motor racing.

The first time Eddie appeared on my show I remember phoning him to make the invite, I was hoping he would remembered me and remembered me he certainly did!!! “You can F**K off Boland!” He shouted down the phone “ The last time we met you told me to F**K off and wouldn’t let me into your poxy Club Elizabeth, not thinking I was wealthy enough to mix with your snotty punters!!” needless to say we had a great laugh and thankfully Eddie was a guest and many times after.
Eddie also loves rock music and he himself is an accomplished drummer (see photo)who often gigs with his band after F1 races in fact the last time I was with Eddie was at a charity gala hosted by Harlet Davidson where he was playing with his brilliant band.
I congratulate Eddie Jordan on all his successes and look for to my invitation to join him on his new 32 million pound yacht!!!! NOTE. Eddie my number is still the same!

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