Saturday, 13 September 2014

Why I think Britain is wrong to vote against bombing ISIS

Following a lengthy golfing holiday that symbolised how he has become the most ineffective U.S. President and leader of the civilised world in decades, Barack Obama has announced that America is prepared to use air strikes against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.
However, Britain will not join in. Cynics might say this is because defence cuts mean we haven’t enough planes, or that after Tony Blair’s disastrous war against Iraq (which led to the present mess), the public won’t tolerate any more mindless foreign interventions.
But the real reason is that attacking the Islamic State would mean allying ourselves with Bashar al-Assad, the tyrant of Syria, who, only a year ago, David Cameron wanted to launch a joint strike against. Thankfully, MPs voted against the idea. Similarly, Congress stopped Mr Obama.
Those decisions have now been proved to be very wise. Although Mr Obama says the use of air strikes does not mean the U.S. is backing Assad, they will inevitably throw a lifeline to a man who has shamefully used chemical weapons against his own people as he desperately clings on to power.

Never mind to be seen backing Assad. If we don't do something now ISIS will be visiting out homes in our country to carry out their savage ways. We must act and we must act NOW!!! Look at the photo above and start to realise that those innocents that are being slaughtered are only a few of the 60,000 plus who have been murdered and this is rising daily!!!! Are we just going to sit back similar to the world when Nazi Germany where doing the same things to Jews, Homosexuals and anyone they felt were not suitable to the master race???

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