Thursday, 25 September 2014

'I'm a woman and a mother and I want to reach out to women': Victoria Beckham speaks at the UN as she is named goodwill ambassador.She made her debut on the political world stage today and will work with the UN as an ambassador for their UNAIDS campaign
She was inspired after a trip to Cape Town as part of the Born Free initiative. So important and honourd by this invite to speak at the United Nations she even missed the opening of her London store to be there
The fashion designer said: 'It's taken me to get to 40 to realise I have a responsibility as a woman and as a mother'

Victoria has always been knocked for being slightly thick and as a girl with no talent, who would be no one if she hadn't married a famous footballer. But hold on a minute wasn't she part of the most successful girl band EVER?? Oh I forgot the wally's sorry, you say she couldn't sing. Ummmm that's why Simon Fuller hired her. OK so the girls got no talent for singing but banked over 40 million for her efforts.

Now lets move onto her husband David, what is it you pack of idiots said? If it wasn't for David she would be nothing! Begging your pardon folks but research has now shown and confirmed by all in the Spice Girls, Victoria was totally the business woman, nothing would get past the girls without her agreement. When she married David she made him sack his management company, one of the biggest and most successful sports management companies in the world and sign to Simon Fuller, a music manager. The sports world felt that would be the end of Beckham's playing career. How wrong that turned out to be . Simon Fuller along with Victoria turned the Beckham name into a worldwide brand. Fuller signed David to the La Galaxy football team for over 200 million. Was David the greatest footballer in the world? No, but he has become a salable brand that the Americans loved as did the Japanese etc. Everything Beckham, from underwear to sunglasses, that had his name on it were selling in the millions. Victoria's Mission had been accomplished

Now Victoria set about making her name into a brand using her impeccable taste in fashion. She first launched the VB branded jeans selling for hundreds of pounds. She the set up her own design studio and started selling Victoria Beckham designer wear. Almost every A list celebrity started to be seen in Beckham. Her company alone turned over 8 million dollars last year.

And now another milestone in this amazing career, VB opened her first Victoria Beckham store in London last night.

She-s conquered the world of music, she-s conquered the world of fashion, this only leaves politics!!!!

Good luck to you Victoria. Your critics should now crawl under the rock wenst they came from. But you know something they won't. Why? Because if they're not knocking one thing or another they dont feel happy. One day they will learn its easier to be happy rather than be jealous and angry.

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