Wednesday, 17 September 2014

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A few months ago I hosted the hugely successful Children With Cancer Gala helping to raise over 30,000 Euro. Since then I've had to turn down invitations to host and help organize numerous charity events due to my heavy business schedule . This evening I had yet another phone call requesting my help for a planned charity gala on the 16th November, I was about to apologies by saying no yet again until I heard it was in aid of Cudeca and they were desperately in need of funds. This was a request I just couldn't refuse. I will keep you all posted etc.

Whispers: I have been approached by the CEO of one of the biggest top end music and television manufactures in Europe to see if I was interested in doing a deal on my back catalog of 100's of hours of interviews for a new App they have launched. They have over two million subscribers and this should increase by millions by Christmas!!!! And here's me thinking that my voice would never be heard on radio again never mind on a worldwide App!!! wonders never cease to amaze me. But, again , it needs me to sit with their engineers for hours and days to sort through the hundreds of tapes and CD's ...So I will have to see when I will get the time for this. But to have the
cassetts digitally mastered would be brillant.

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  1. Maurice, I would never criticise the good Cudeca have done over the years or the amazing amount of money you have helped raise for them.
    However, I do think there is a very important issue you need to address.
    You appreciate that many people on the Costa, and this likely to have been instigated by local press and media, are no longer willing to support Cudeca!
    Why? I am sure you know why! 2 things have been reported and are now widely believed and discussed I understand. First, that someone associated with one of the local media organisations had to go to court to get the accounts of Cudeca released. It is said that this revealed that Joan Hunt and other directors of Cudeca were taking 6 figure salaries. Also, that the organiser of the event at Villa Tiberio, Caroline Randerson, took a percentage of the funds she raised as her commission. This not only for Cudeca but also for the Children with Cancer charity as well. Someone I spoke to confirmed with that charity that Caroline is in fact an official fundraiser for them, and as such was entitled to take a commission. It is said this is 30 to 40% of the money raised at any one event. Of course, there is no problem with being a paid official fundraiser, but maybe it is perceived as a problem if the public are not aware of that fact from the person themselves but hear about it elsewhere.
    As you are hosting this event I thought perhaps you were the best person to check these so called facts and if necessary correct any inaccuracies!

    Thanks, Pat