Friday, 26 September 2014

More great news.

Britain declares war on ISIS and could be bombing Iraq within HOURS: Parliament votes 524 to 43 for air strikes but calls grow for action in Syria too. British Tornados could start bombing ISIS bases within hours of the vote. Prime Minister said Britain could not 'walk on by' in face of ISIS threat. He urged and won overwhelming support for military action against militants. But warned mission will take 'not just months but years' as debate begins. Just 43 MPs voted against airstrikes, including around 24 Labour members
Labour MP Rushanara Ali quits frontbench to vote against military action . Shadow defence secretary sacks aide Iain McKenzie for voting against action. Came after Ed Miliband backed Iraq action but not action against Syria
Commons motion rules out action in neighbouring Syria without a vote

Even the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby backs military action in Iraq.

RAF Tornados have been stationed in Cyprus for the past six weeks and have been flying surveillance flights over northern Iraq. An RAF C-130 was also seen landing at RAF Akrotiri, an air base near Limassol.
They could begin dropping bombs and missiles within hours of the Prime Minister giving the orders.

Hamas must be shitting themselves whilst Israel may consider this opportunity to go in and wipe out this terrorist organisation once and for all. Would ISIS come to their support_ Never this bunch of savages will go no where near Israel knowing that Israel,with one of the finest air forces in the world, would join in helping to wiping them out.


Belgium's parliament also voted 114 to 2 on Friday to take part and Denmark said it would send planes. Six Belgian F-16s took off for a staging post in Greece even before the vote.

"This is not a threat on the far side of the world. Left unchecked, we will face a terrorist caliphate on the shores of the Mediterranean and bordering a NATO member, with a declared and proven intention to attack our country and our people," Cameron told British lawmakers.

Until this week France was the only Western country to answer President Barack Obama's call to join the US-led campaign. Since Monday, Australia and the Netherlands have also joined. On Friday Germany expressed support for the mission despite saying it would not send aircraft of its own.

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