Saturday, 13 September 2014

Australian radio bosses behind hoax call where DJs posed as Queen concerned over pregnant Kate Middleton's health donate £289,000 to family of nurse who took own life - but defend DJs responsible

I just can't believe this! What? I hear you ask. That the radio station paid out 289K to the nurses family. I wouldn't have given them a penny!

Why? I hear you ask again.

Firstly I believe HER family and the HOSPITAL are both to blame for nurse Jacintha Saldanha death. This woman had no right to hold a position in a hospital end of!! She was, according to her family, mentally on stable and had made various attempts on her life only a year before and yet her husband so it fit to leave her alone in an apartment in London. He should be hanging his head in shame!

Saldanha attempted suicide on December 30 with an overdose of pills during a family visit to India. Saldanha survived after being rushed to hospital but tried to take her own life nine days later by jumping from a building. She was admitted to the Father Muller Medical College Hospital in Mangalore for treatment for head injuries and was then transferred to the psychiatric ward where she was treated for depression. On her release, she was given a nine-month course of anti-depressants.
A member of her family confirmed that the nurse had been treated in the Mangalore hospital for depression during the visit to India to celebrate Christmas. "It is true that she was taken to the Father Muller Medical College Hospital in Mangalore during her visit last Christmas. We are not commenting on whether it was a suicide attempt," said the family member.
It has also come to light that she was being bullied by a junior colleague who had made a complaint of bullying and harassment against her, which had recently been dismissed. So maybe this was to blame?

So do you think this women was fit enough to hold such a responsible position. That she should have been left alone in London only returning home at weekends?

Do you think the hospital should of hired a woman who only months before was admitted to a psychiatric ward for attempting suicide not once but twice????

I believe after this pathetic so called hoax call, if that's what you could really call it, it was so badly done it was boarding on childish with a silly impression of the Queen and a ridicules dog bark impression pretending to be the corgi's!!!! You honestly needed to be mentally unstable to have believe that garbage!
I also believe the hospital went crazy after Saldanha put the call through and let her know it on no uncertain terms pushing her over the edge!

Yes folks, I blame the husband who KNEW his wife had a history of attempted suicide and in a way the hospital for giving her the job. This money should be donated to the Samaritans. I'm totally disgusted!!!

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  1. Since posting this yesterday 2,226 have read this post. I hope now 2,000 plus more of you now the truth and how disgraceful her husband was.