Friday, 5 September 2014


Here’s a message to all those uneducated morons out there who thought they were being clever by posting warnings on their social media websites i.e Facebook, Twitter Blogs etc about how little of the 70 million dollars raised actually went to the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) charity claiming that only 30% went to research.... ONLY!!!! That’s fucking 21 million dollars you imbeciles!!! Do you have any idea how much the administrations costs of a worldwide charity of this size are? No, I thought not but yet you see fit to criticise. You make me sick!

Many years ago Joan Hunt, the founder of Cudeca Cancer Hospice, made a public statement about my work for the charity she said almost equally as important as the funds I raised it was the awareness of cancer that was so important, to be able to talk openly about it, as I did on my radio and TV shows, was so important. It was as she said; AWARENESS, meaning the fear of even talking about cancer without using the word The Big C was now changing. This is so important. So I come to Motor Neuron Disease and how it has been moved from the back of the class to the front of the class, AWARENESS. I wonder what I'm saying is now actually getting through????
Better still take your hand out of your mouth and give generously. I remember putting this same challenge to a loser who calls himself ‘Morris’ on the comment section of the Olive Press who accused me of not being 100% truthful with my charity work. I offered 1,000 Euro to the charity of his choice if he could prove anything he was claiming but if he couldn’t he’d give 1,000 Euro to the charity of my choice....Guess what??? Never heard from the low life again!!!!
Here's my Ice Bucket Challange which was carried out two weeks ago (you can see the video on my Facebook by scrolling down) The bucketer is Karin, Wendy's business partner, who said she hasn't had so much fun in such a long time!!!! That bucket by the way was almost ALL ice!!!!

So let’s meet three young people who are the real winners of the Ice Bucket Challenge and perhaps you pack of charity bashers may crawl back from whenst you came . You should be ashamed of yourself.

Read on....

Copy and paste this link below and for all you who have participated and given generously, well done you have made an enormous difference.

Still not convinced. Watch this.

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  1. Your Ice Bucket Challenge was brilliant. Ive never seen so much ice been used. Well done Maurice,yet again. By the way I'm the Lynn who you met a few months ago when you hosted the Children With Cancer gala in Marbella. Back in UK and missing Marbella. We are coming out in Christmas and I hear your hosting a very large charity gala. Where is being held?