Monday, 29 September 2014

Here's is a fun story from My Confessions of A Realtor. (My book one day!)
My office faces the main window and when I see someone looking at the properties on display I'm out of the door is quick as you can say "can I help you" Many will say no it's okay just looking but now and again I persuade them to come inside, have a coffee and a chat. Well this one day a gentleman was looking in the window when I pounced offering my usual Irish charm: " Can I help you Sir?" I polity inquired whilst pushing the poor terrified man towards the door. " No thank you." He timidly replied "My wife is in the supermarket and I'm just having a look" (Bromley Estates is next to a major supermarket. Not taking no for an answer I led the poor man into our wonderful cool aircondition foyer and had a coffee and a cold water set in front of him. The bottom line of this story is I sold him a superb villa. He now tells the story: "It was the most expensive packet of biscuits I've ever bought!"
Check out the amazing house I viewed today

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