Tuesday, 3 December 2013

When I was very young I had an aunt Peggy and all I remembered of her was that she was famous and a film star. I used to always tell my friends about my aunty the film star. She was Peggy Cummins and really I knew little else about her. The other day my cousin in London rang me to say that he’d been in touch with Peggy and she would love to hear from me(I didn’t even know she was alive!!!) So I looked her up in Google only to find out that she’d just been awarded a special film award in LA and looking on YouTube there was quite allot about her. I do remember she was very beautiful as you can see from the video of her most successful movie Gun Crazy. She had several suitors in Hollywood. She briefly dated Howard Hughes, and also the future American president John F. Kennedy. So I’ve just called her and we spent an hour reminiscing about times gone by. For a woman of her age (almost 90) she sounded youthful and full of beans. I now can’t wait to meet my aunty Peggy again

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