Tuesday, 17 December 2013

As many of you will know Peter Hitchens has been a correspondent and most valued guest on my radio shows over the years. He was outstanding yesterday evening on BBC's Newsnight the one where Matthew Perry meets Peter Hitchens . . . Friends star and Mail writer go head-to-head on Newsnight in heated row over drugs. The Friends star argued in favour of specialist courts for drugs addicts. Peter Hitchens argued law is failing, by being 'nice'. Newsnight editor says both men were escorted out via different exits!!! At one point the actor referred to Mr Hitchens as 'Santa' Mr Peter hit back: 'This is a very serious subject and you treat it with immense levity' At height of troubles Perry drank bottle of vodka per night and 30 tablets
He told Hitchens: 'I'm a drug addict and if I have a drink I can't stop,' he said, adding: '(you say) I'm choosing to do that'
Hitchens responded: 'There is a fashion for dismissing the ability of people to take control over their own lives and make excuses for them'.

Good on you Peter. I rang him this morning and tell him so.

Please watch. It's a classic.

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