Saturday, 28 December 2013

Let me introduce you to Georgia Bleu.

I first met Georgia and her brother Joe when they both entered a Charity singing concert that I staged, in fact it was the very first charity singing contests that would eventually, years later, end up as the WOW Factor. I think I called this one Reach For The Stars (maybe not I’m sure someone will remember) I remember the final well as Joe, Georgia brother, had broken his arm and had to withdraw from the final. When Georgia took to the stage she dedicated a her very emotional performance to her brother who was sitting in the front row enthusiastically encouraging his young sister after her song she ran off stage in tears and threw her arms around Joe Georgia, then 13, won the show and that was that. But there was something about this very talented kid that always made me believe that she was destined for greater things.
The family eventually moved to Austin Texas, I had kept in touch with their mum over the years mostly on Facebook and following Georgia’s career. She became a singer with the hugely popular Trans-Siberian Orchestra touring from coast to coast in America . Georgia is going to bring in 2014 with The Trans Siberian Orchestra playing to a million people LIVE!! at The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. I believe that this is only the start for what promises to be a huge future for beautiful talented young woman. Watch this space as they say Georgia Blue is on her way and you’d better believe it!

Here is a sample of what you would see if you go to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra Show:

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