Thursday, 5 December 2013

During a radio appearance this week, Boris Johnson dismally failed an IQ test, only days after saying the population is divided between the dunces who do terribly in IQ tests and the geniuses who pass them with flying colours. Harry Mount compiled some typical questions so you can find out which one you are. These are the answers the questions are on my Facebook.

1. B, Third.
2. D, Pacific Ocean.
3. The match.
4. D, Flower is the only object that isn’t man-made.
5. Whatever your name is.
6. C, V.
7. E, Friday.
8. A tree.
9. A, True.
10. An hour.
11. B, Plutocracy.
12. B, False.
13. Potato.
14. B, Marmalade.
15. Mary.
16. The Moon.
17. Tiffany. All the names’ first syllables fit into the song, ‘Do-Re-Mi’.
18. A beetle.
19. Neither is right. Two plus two equals five isn’t right, or correct, and your left hand is not your right.
20. Take the ‘s’ away.
21. Daughter-in-law.
22. One of them was pregnant.
23. The word ‘wrong’.
24. Two — the rest have paws.
25. Your in-laws.
26. Nine sheep.
27. There isn’t any steam — it’s an electric train.
28. Waterfall.
29. Happy Birthday.
30. None — it was a hole.
31. It was during the day.
32. It was a bungalow, no staircase.

22-32 correct answers: Congratulations, Superbrain —your IQ is off the charts. You are among the chosen few, destined for a stellar career and blessed with a stellar intellect.
12-21: Not to worry. You are a mere mortal, much like the rest of us. Not stupid, but not a intellectual powerhouse either.
0-11: Don’t be disappointed. You’re in control of the most important, happening city in the world. And there’s every chance that, if all goes to plan, you’ll soon be moving into No 10 Downing Street.


  1. Maurice I’m enraged by this low life’s latest posting which I’ve copied and will email to you just in case he removes it. After lying about not going to read or make reference to your blog he’s used your dead grandfather’s family name to make up the most offensive sexual suggestion of a dance. He obviously doesn't know or care how the Jews of that region suffered under the Czars.. He still continues to copy and paste anything he can find on Israel, Jews and the Irish. You should have the email now. Do not let him get away with this please. I've also spoke to her parents who I’ve emailed the post he removed. But today’s post using sexual innuendos around your late grandfather is by far his most disgusting and anti-semitic.

  2. I've read it. It shows what a real pervert he is. disgusting! I hope MB does something about it.