Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I've always been in favor of the death sentence, but those against it says that evidence might be unsafe I say that's a load of bull sh*t. In this day and age and DNA testing and especially when the murderer make an admission of guilt. Read this report and tell me these guys should be locked up with the expense to the tax payer to keep them alive: 'After I struck the neck, I used another of the knives I had sharpened to try and remove the head': 'Killer' of Lee Rigby describes moment soldier died as he takes to the witness stand just feet away from grieving family

Woolwich 'murderer' Michael Adebolajo today admitted killing Lee Rigby in a 'military attack' and described his attempts to decapitate him at the Old Bailey today.
The 28-year-old's account of knocking down the Fusilier and trying to cut off his head led to Drummer Rigby's widow running from the court.
He and Michael Adebowale, 22, are accused of murdering Fusilier Rigby by running him down with a car and then hacking him to death with a meat cleaver and knives near Woolwich Barracks in south east London on May 22.
He told the court: 'After I struck the neck, I used another of the knives I had sharpened to try and remove the head but I was unsuccessful in this attempt.'
In cross-examination, prosecutor Richard Whittam QC earlier asked Adebolajo: 'You and your co-defendant, acting together, killed Lee Rigby, didn't you?'
He replied: 'Yes.'
The barrister asked: 'That's because together you had agreed to kill someone. Do you agree?'
Again, Adebolajo replied: 'Yes.'

He went on: 'We planned a military attack which obviously involved, sadly - it's not something enjoyable, something fantastic - the death of a soldier. It's a military attack.'
When asked whether the killing was political, he told the jury: 'Jihad by its very nature is political.'
Adebolajo described the killing of Fusilier Rigby as a 'military operation'.
He said: 'No Muslim hopes to have to kill anybody, that's the first thing to make clear.
'Just as a general plans attacks knowing full well that when he plans this attack people will die, this is what happens in war, so when we target a soldier this is a similar thing.
'I am a soldier and this is war.
'It's not a casual joke. It's a military operation. This is how we see it.
'To fight Jihad for the sake of Allah, it's not something that is to be taken lightly, fun or something like this.
'Those responsible for sending British troops to kill Muslims, it just so happens, those people who have influence and control over the military are the Government, yes.'
Asked if the attack was designed to intimidate the public, Adebolajo said: 'The truth is this, the Government and the British public have become aware of Jihad over the past years, a lot of people know the only reason it is occuring is because of foreign policy.'
Adebolajo denied that he threw Fusilier Rigby's body into the path of an incoming vehicle.
He told the jury he wanted to deter 'have-a-go heroes' from approaching him.
He refused to answer questions about how long he and Adebowale had allegedly spent planning the attack.

When asked when he had tried, unsuccessfully, to buy bullets for the gun, he said: 'I will not be specific, but it was a long time before the incident.'
Adebolajo told the jury that he had not planned to run down Fusilier Rigby with his car.
'As for the colliding with the soldier, that was not something that was pre-meditated. It just so happened that Allah caused him to cross in front of my car.'
He admitted that he was 'not 100% sure' that Fusilier Rigby was a soldier at the time of the attack.

Fusilier Rigby's widow Rebecca left the courtroom in tears as Adebolajo claimed the soldier was moving after he was hit by the car.
He told the jury the 25-year-old had moved, and was 'maybe semi-conscious, but he did not sit up or stand up'.
Adebolajo admitted striking Fusilier Rigby's neck but denied hitting his head.
He said the soldier had already been killed by the time Adebowale left the smashed car and arrived at his side.
Addressing Adebowale in the dock briefly, he added: 'He (Adebowale) struck him twice with his knife - and forgive me for speaking my brother - but I prevented him doing anymore because I said he was already dead.'
Adebolajo said he handed a letter to an eyewitness to make it clear that the events happened 'for one reason and one reason only - that's foreign policy'.
He said: 'The life of this one soldier might save the lives of many, many people, not just from Muslim lands but from this country.'

Adebolajo said he asked people at the scene at Woolwich Barracks to film him to 'make it clear to everybody why the soldier lost his life' and 'how this can be avoided in the future'.
Asked why he ran at the police when they arrived, he said: 'I was almost certain that I would be shot to death.'
Adebolajo said he had 'nothing but admiration' for the firearms officers who applied first aid after he was shot.
Turning to his hospital treatment, he said: 'I believe this country, from what I experienced, we have the best nurses on the planet.'
'They show so much kindness to me while I was handcuffed to my bed,' he said. 'In Islam we respect this, but we don't respect oppressors.'
Adebolajo told the court a number of times: 'I am a soldier.'
He also said he was shocked at how long it took for Fusilier Rigby's body to be buried.
'It shocked me to the core. I thought surely he would be buried by now, because obviously he's a soldier like myself, and in Islam we bury our deceased immediately.'



  1. As most of you comment on my Facebook I thought I'd share these comments to you who only access my blog.
    Irene Singer, Dave Syms, Bernard Peller and 3 others like this.
    Maurice Boland Still think the evidence is UNSAFE????
    Christine Mayell Theyre scum.
    Donna Schwarz-Nielsen I've not always been in favour of the death penalty but there are exceptions - this being one of them.
    Maurice Boland Exceptions, exactly. when the evidence Is as stated above.
    Maurice Boland All thses type of radicals will do in jail is insight hatred among other young susceptible prisoners, who in turn will bring this savagery onto the streets when they are released!!!
    Donna Schwarz-Nielsen Maurice: You are of course right. With the amount of evidence collected these days, DNA, CCTV etc... there is less chance of a verdict being wrong or tampered with. My concerns were always people being framed for something they didn't do or just corrupt officials trying to pin the blame on someone they want to get rid of ie. Russia.
    Maurice Boland You say Russia, they'll still kill them without anyone knowing.
    Donna Schwarz-Nielsen Maurice: This is true.
    Michael Nordahl Wallem He should be handed out to the regime of soldiers where this poor soldier served, and let them deal with it . I believe in an eye for an eye etc it's disgraceful !
    George Trowbridge They will suffer more inside, be sure of that.
    Maurice Boland At whos expense George???
    Paul Semi they will most likely end up in protective custody with a playstation and all other kind of perks. but thats the uk for you just a complete tosser of a country.
    Dave Syms I agree with you but in The States due to the appeal system it costs more to execute someone than keep them in prison for life.I also feel for those who carry out the executions.Had there been the death sentence the Guilford four and Bermingham six would have been hanged.I think that Dna must be there before death can be the sentence.There are without doubt those whos death is the only form of justice.
    Robby Forster im with you on this one Maurice
    Angela Brooks It is completely insane NOT to have the death penalty for a perverted psycho who publicly removes a soldier's head - fully captured on video. Then shows no remorse or contrition but tries to justify it with some sick religious mumbo jumbo. But at the...See More
    Natasha Dustagheer Maurice you are so so right,I agree with you.
    Carina Elliott They are not human ! Why should they have human rights!! They are devils.......death penalty should be

  2. How come no one ever comments on CP's blog. I think we are the only two who read it Gary?