Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Have you ever thought how terrifying it must be for passengers caught up in a situation when a passenger starts threatening behavior? It’s something I’ve often thought about whether I’m flying to Malaga or on a transatlantic flight. How would I react? The answer is terrified, simple as that! Would I help in any way to pacify the abusive threatening passenger? The simple answer is possibly not, on the other hand I just really don’t know, I might just surprise myself!!! Here is a story that happened on a flight to Ibiza and thankfully I wasn’t on it...
A student 'terrified' holidaymakers as he hurled abuse at passengers and cabin crew and swung from seats while on board a packed flight to Ibiza.
Muscular Kyle Bent began shouting at a fellow passenger as the aeroplane came into land on the Spanish party island, before threatening staff on the Thomas Cook flight. The 25-year-old personal trainer has been jailed for 10 weeks after he admitted two public order offences in relation to his behaviour on the plane in July this year. As magistrates doled out his sentence, Bent screamed at them 'you have ruined my life' before he was led away to the cells. Trafford Magistrates' Court heard how passengers on the late-night flight from Manchester felt threatened by Bent's outburst. During the safety briefing, Bent, a Manchester Metropolitan University student was described as ‘boisterous and excited’. On take-off, he struggled to keep still and began shouting ‘inane’ comments to his friends. Ross Stafford, a teacher on the flight, had kindly swapped seats with Bent so the defendant could be closer to his friends. However, after feeling a force on the back of his seat and turning round, Bent swore at him. When Mr Stafford told him to calm down he swore again before adding: 'Look at what you’re wearing, you look like a grandad, what have you got on? Watch what you’re saying.' Mr Stafford was so scared he moved seats, only for Bent to then turn on the cabin crew. When flight attendant Lisa Cahill urged him to fasten his seatbelt for landing, he refused, swore at her and began swinging from the seat rests in the aisle. He was again asked to sit down, only to swear again, adding: 'Your breath stinks, stop talking to me little girl.' Bent was asked for his passport so his details could be recorded but he refused, swore, and threatened the attendant and her family. Bent, from Victoria Park, Manchester, admitted two public order offences of using threatening or abusive behaviour when he appeared before the court. Karl Miles, mitigating, said: 'Mr Bent proffers his apologies for his behaviour. He has remorse and regret for what happened on that flight.' Mr Miles said Bent suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Jailing Bent for 10 weeks, Anne Marie Evans, chairman of the bench, told Bent: 'Your behaviour during a flight full of passengers seems to have terrified everybody.' As he was taken down Bent shouted at the bench: ‘You have ruined my life’. After the hearing, Pc Steve Thompson, airport community beat officer who helped catch Bent on his return from Ibiza, said: 'Anti-social behaviours will not be tolerated in any form. 'Greater Manchester Police will go to any lengths to apprehend an offender and bring him to justice. 'Even if they leave the country we will be ready for them when they get back.' I loved the way he shouted ‘you ruined my life’ No sir YOU ruined your life . Thugs like him should get a mandatory 10 years I’m sure that would stop this type of bravado immediately!

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