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Is there something I’m missing here? Is there something I don’t know about the background of this story? Have all the facts been reported? For that folks this is the only conclusion I can come up with after hearing the story of ex pats Tony and Rita O’Rielly which was told to me this morning over a coffee with an old friend. You know the expression ‘unbelievable?’ Well that’s exactly my thoughts after hearing their ‘unbelievable’ story.
Tony and Rita live in a beautiful converted mill house in a village in Mijas. The property was original reprocessed and was sold to the O’Rielly’s back in 2008. The sale was approved through the Torremolinos courts when the judge issued them with the property deeds. The O’Rielly’s set about redecorating this beautiful historic house into what was to be their dream home. They loved Mijas and got on very well with their neighbours. So much so that Tony is the president of the urbanisation community. Which makes this story even more ironic.
A beautiful home in an iconic setting and the very happy O’Rielly’s. That is until one morning a notice was delivered by the Mijas town hall notifying the couple that their dream home was to be demolished as it was built without permission back in 2010. In short it is an illegal build. They had no notice, no idea this was about to happen until that day. Now, here is where the story earns the tagline ‘unbelievable’ because the old mill has stood on the site since 1963 originally as a flour mill. Although O’Rielly’s lawyers have all paperwork and original photographs of the property, the town hall refuses to recognise them and sticking to their story that the plot had NO building on it in 2010!!! So what then did the judge approve the sale of in 2008???? See what I mean by ‘unbelievable?’ The neighbours are up in arms about their treatment of many had lived there well before the couple bought the old mill and are willing to testify on behave of the O’Reilly’s.
The EWN reported that Tony claimed. “A judge sold it to us! How can this be? They’ve ignored their own lawyers’ papers, their own judge’s rulings. It’s a nightmare you can’t wake up from.” Their fear is that they are not the only ones subject to the injustice

The demolition file from Mijas Town Hall has excluded vital evidence proving the house’s actual age, according to Tony. “They’ve taken the relevant papers out of the file to say that we built the house, but we didn’t.” When Tony and his lawyer presented the evidence, it was not accepted. Tony stated: “We have proof the house is legal, but the ayuntamiento won’t even accept the proof we have to offer.”
All efforts to get an appointment with either Mijas mayor Angel Nozal (see photo) or head of demolition Manuel Navarro have proven fruitless. “They couldn’t care less,” Tony stated.

Tony’s lawyer reported: “It has gone far enough that we’re considering filing criminal charges against Mijas mayor Nozal and councillor Navarro. If something isn’t done, this is exactly what we will be doing. This is a perversion of justice.”


To tell you the truth as unbelievable as this story reads I personally know the Mijas Mayor Angel Nozal, he is an extreamly clever honest man and I am surprised that this story is all that it says it is and I believable the truth will come out so justice will be seen to be done.

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  1. I can understand this as it is all corrupt.
    I am in court on Friday going against BARCLAYS BANK,, I was on your program 4 years ago talking to a lawyer you had on.
    My story is long and sad i msy still loose my apartment as well as all my money i invested as they put me in high risk funds and even after me telling them to sell them, they refusef!!!!, went on to loose it all.
    I have fought for 6 years and the corruption with the bank and lawyers is unbelievable. Watch this space.. This is just a little of what happened.hell on earth that is what it is.