Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Thank for the encouraging feedback My Story is receiving.

Still to come:
Senator Edward Kennedy’s party that eventually lost me Club Elizabeth.
The fire that destroyed Barbarella’s. Opening an award winning restaurant.
Co writing the musical Peter Pepper.
A disastrous property court case that wiped me out financially.
Upping my roots and moving my young family to Spain.
My time with James Hunt’s club Oscars.
Discovering Mandy Smith which led me to being embroiled in one of the biggest scandals during 1986.
The Rolling Stone who warned me to leave of London or else!!!.
Success at last in Ireland's high court against the national television station RTE for slander.
My life on radio and television.
How I almost lost it all again.
Finally my life today.

Please note that each one of these chapters are synopses and far from the complete story. I've had emails informing me that I have left out names. places and events etc. I apologise and if I ever get around to writing the full story be assured that your information will be of a great help. Thank you.

Part 5: My Story to follow shortly.

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