Monday, 10 February 2014

Here is a simple question for the anti Israeli lobby and for those of you who know nothing about the history or the people of Israel only what you read in the papers. So here is is newly released video of the Palestinians who live in Israel protesting their rights to STAY Israeli and not have a new Palestinian state boarders extended to include their town therefore forcing them to giver up their Israeli status which as you can see clearly the DON'T want to do. Isn't time you started to appreciate the rights of the 1.6 million Palestinians who live in Israels ???

Let me try to explain the kind of damage that the Palestinian rockets fired almost daily into Israel achieve, The answer is Nothing, that is nothing but problems for the millions of Arabs that live there. As these rockets achieve nothing what do you think the Palestinian terrorists are hoping to achieve then? The answer is simple: Retaliation! By Israel retaliating the Palestinian propaganda machine can go into full gear and start putting out news stories that the Israelis are attacking them therefore accusing painting Israel as the aggressors and the sad thing is the world keeps buying it. The Palestinian propaganda machine is one of the finest tuned in the world. Let me give you an example of a photograph that went viral last week, it claims to show a very frightened Palestinian child with an Israeli soldiers boot on her chest pointing a gun at her. Anyone seeing this photograph would immediately start copying and pasting it as they would rightfully feel horrified by it and feel the world should know how brutal the Israeli’s really are. But wait a minute, could this be yet more Palestinian propaganda?

The “Palestinians” claim that in this photo an Israeli soldier is aiming his gun at a little girl… but look at the details. The uniform and shoes are not the kind that IDF soldiers have. The gun in the picture is an AK-47, the kind of gun the terror organization in Gaza posses. IDF soldiers carry a TAVOR or an M-16. …and most important of all…how come you can’t see the face of this soldier in the picture??
The photo in fact is not that of an Israeli soldier and Palestinian girl. Rather, it is of actors playing the role during a street theatre in Bahrain, taken in December 2009!!! You will find these type of photographs almost daily on Facebook’s, Blogs, Twitter etc . Stop reposting these fakes, all they achieve is hatred and fall into the trap of feeding the Hamas propaganda machine

Here's a non Jewish mans point of view.

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