Sunday, 2 February 2014


When a Jewish male reaches the age of 13 he celebrates the event by reciting verses from the Torah (the ancient Jewish scrolls). I hardly remember much about my Barmitzvah 51 years ago. It was held in Adelaide Road Synagogue Dublin. I think most 13 year old's like myself only looked forward to the presents they received and certainly not standing up in a full Synagogue and resisting the reading in Hebrew. I remember my grandma you bought me my dream present, a 5 speed racing bike which joined the many styandard barmitzvah presents of Parker pens, gold cufflings, tie-pins and of course the generous cheques that I had received. As amazing as my Barmitzvah might have been nothing compares to Teets the poodles who possibly may be the first dog to have his own barkmitzvah.
Comedian Jason Biggs and wife Jenny Mollen celebrated their pooch's 13th birthday with a traditional Jewish coming-of-age ceremony in Los Angeles on Thursday.
And Jenny, 34, captured the precious event in a series of snaps that she posted on Instagram, to the obvious delight of Teets's many thousands of fans.
The trio went home to dinner with their other two dogs, captured in a picture captioned: 'Challah with Gina and Harry. #barkmitzvah #mazeltov #teets #13'
And Jason proudly tweeted, 'My Dog Just Became a Man.'
The couple also posted a hilarious shot of Teets photoshopped into various locations around the US including Las Vegas and New York.
Jason and Jenny, who certainly seem to share the same sense of homour, are expecting their first child. The actress is 40 weeks pregnant.

From the sublime to the ridicules, but made me smile on a beautiful Sunday morning here in Marbella!

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