Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Whilst The world is being Slaughtered by Islamic Fundamentalists. Israel medical scientists continue to save millions of lives

A PRIEST has been beheaded and another hostage is ‘fighting for their life’ after two knife-wielding men two nuns and several worshippers hostage at a church in northern France. A third suspect has reportedly been arrested outside the church after a pair of ‘bearded’ attackers were shot and killed after reportedly ‘creeping’ into a Catholic mass at 9am in the French town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen. Local media claims Father Jacques Hamel, believed to be 86-years-old, was the priest who was slaughtered by the ‘extremist’ duo. ISIS supporters are celebrating the horrific attack at the church which was reportedly on a terrorist ‘hit list’ which it is claimed French police have known about since April 2015 – following the arrest of an extremist in Paris last year.

How long will it be before some obscure Theorist will blame this on Israel again?

Not a word about it on any of the anti Israel losers social media ! I wonder why?

Whilst the scum of the earth, the sub humans continues to slaughter and massacre human life, Israel 's new medical breakthrough will save millions of lives.

It has been announced that Israel researchers find a way to detect cancer cells BEFORE they become brain tumors.
When Malignant Melanoma the most dangerous kind of skin cancer – spreads to the brain, it is almost always a death sentence. But now, Tel Aviv University researchers have found a way to detect micrometastases -- tiny bunches of spreading cancer cells – months before they reach he brain and develop into fatal tumors.

This will mean the saving of millions of lives world wide especially in third world countries where Israeli medical teams have been working for decades saving lives.

Its why the world loves Israel.

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