Tuesday, 5 July 2016

It's been a long time since I've laughed so much but Sue you are a champion.

I know Sue Ki... would love me to give her full name here on my blog but I have no intention you low life piece of scum of giving any exposure just be satisfied with this..

So how did dear Sue make me laugh? Well, this afternoon she blamed Israel for the Baghdad bombing that slaughtered over two hundred and fifty innocent people, mostly women and children by ISIS. She claimed that ISIS is funded and backed by Israel amd her reasoning being solely on the fact that ISIS has never attacked Israel.

WOW! Sue that is some clever reasoning, but hold on a minute. ISIS has never attacked Ireland so I suppose there is every good reason to believe Ireland is funding ISIS!!!!! Sue you are some clever Coleen then!!!!

Jeezes can you believe what you've just read. Please tell me there is no one out there as thick as our Sue who actually believe this?

A message from The People of Israel To Iran ·

Baghdad, we stand with you today
and we are standing with all the places terror is striking blindly and innocent people are killed, just because there were there.
Terrorists wants us to afraid, they want to Divide and to conquer... but it's not working, in fact the opposite is happening
We don't have a specific religion, or a flag, neither a country, we are the people who wants to be, to leave, in peace.
We are from all over the world and we are more, and every time you strike ...we r getting more and more united

Baghdad, we stand with you today

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