Thursday, 28 July 2016

Here's an interesting statistic that has just been sent to me. There are presently approx 13 million Jews in the world almost half of that number are adults, about the size of Manchester population. Jews were almost wiped out by the Nazis during the second world war approx 69 years ago. There are approx 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today. There is vast wealthy in many of today's Arab countries. Israel is a tiny speck on the map. almost 100% of terror attacks are carried out today by Islamic fundamentalists and yet the Jews get blamed for everything!

Now just imagine if it was a Jew that was driving that truck that slaughtered 84 innocent people in Nice, or it was a Jew that beheaded the priest in France, or it was a Jew that carried out the mass slaughter in the Orlando gay club!!! I could go on and on ..."If it were a Jew!". So if this happened that it was Jews carrying out these daily slaughterings it would feed the anti Semites with the life line they so desired, that is proof that the Jews are the devil. But this doesn't happen and of course never would, so it only leaves this group of sickos to fabricate stories and desperately try to channel the savagery of terror that's going on in our world towards Israel. The most ridicules claim of all is that Israel is behind ISIS every terrorist attack in the world today is not the Muslim who was caught or killed but it was a Jew!!!!Then more ridiculous claims follow, that the Jews control America and UK, the Jews control the world...Are you lot fucking insane??? This is were it gets interesting there is NO shred of evidence that these claims are true and if it is that ISIS hasn't attacked Israel then does it mean that Israel is behind the IRA or ETA simply on the grounds they haven't attacked Israel. Now you see how ridicules these morons are.

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