Wednesday, 13 July 2016

I cant tell you how happy I am that Theresa May is UK's new prime minister she will be a formidable PM and a True Friend of Israel
Theresa May has been a firm, consistent friend of the UK Jewish community, committed to their security as Home Secretary, and unafraid to stand up for Israel’s right to defend itself.

I had made it quite clear at no time did I agree with Boris Johnson policies when it came to Brexit I believe he's done on told damage to the British economy that will take a prime minister like Theresa May to sort out but her appointment of Johnson to Foreign Secretary is a move of pure genius on her behalf . In one simple move she has gathered in the 'Leave' voters as her supporters.

He's a perfect Foreign Secretary: Johnson is a brilliant schmoozer if nothing else not forgetting he's a top academic and that is what you need in the Foreign Office. He's also a huge supporter of Israel he believes those fucking idiots who still believe one should boycott Israel as a bunch of morons!

Watch the video below it will be like a horror film to the likes of Lora A. Lucero, George Galloway, Russel Grant and the rest of the losers this evening. My heart bleeds for you. . .

Sorry to say it but a sleepless night for the Anti Semites-ooops I mean Anti Zionest as they would like to be called

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