Sunday, 3 July 2016

SICK SICK SICK 125 slaughtered as the Islamic led ISIS claim responsibility.

Women and 46 children among the dead and for what reason did these innocent little souls have to have their life cut off? Because ISIS decided!!!!

For the third time in a week terrorists carried out a mass slaughter of civilians - with ISIS claiming responsibility.

A suicide car bomb killed 147 people, including 25 children, Saturday evening in a busy shopping district in Baghdad.
It was the deadliest attack in Iraq in many years.
Families had gathered in the popular area to break the Ramadan fast and watch the Euro 2016 soccer tournament in a cafe when a suicide car bomb exploded, ripping through a multi-level building that also housed stores and a gym.

Whilst the world is shocked, once again, by the slaughter that is carried out by Islamic fundamentalists, there are those that, rather than give sympathy to the families of those who died and the hundreds that are gravely wounded or even show any horror, they chose to use this atrocity once again to voice their anti Semitic, sorry anti Zionist reteric by crying 'It's Israels fault!' Can these scum go any lower? They will NEVER report on their social media outlets any act of terrorism, even the slaughter of innocent children, unless it includes Israel. Now ask yourselves how sick is that.

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