Sunday, 17 July 2016

Good morning to you all especially the uneducated who like to pretend they know Israel but yet have never been there. Its like saying I hate Dublin, London or Rome but have never visited these wonderful capital cities' From today you must STOP basing your hatred towards Israel on obscure websites etc.

So lets start: If you really hate Israel you will obviously support boycotting anything with an Israeli stamp. Those who are not sincere will use a laughable excuse like 'we will not boycott Israeli goods because we will use Israeli technology against them' Like what? The missile defense systems, or toss a cancer saving pill at them?'

So here's a message for you.....

Now that most of you have switched off your computers and binned them this next video is of no use to you, but those of you who have no intention of boycotting Israel because it would make your life unbearable have a look at Tel Aviv and ask yourself 'Will Israel give this land to those Palestinians who are now trying to claim it?' You must be fucking brain dead or simply ignorant! Remember what I once said. I believe if the Palestinians had the land of Israel today it would still be a baron dessert but if Israel had Gaza it would be one of the most successful tourist resorts in the world. Just a thought....

Just have a look at Tel Aviv and see what Israeli's built out of sand in 60 short years. Ah but you think America funded the building of Israel, bull shit!! But if you really believe that then why didn't Arab countries like Saudi Arabia build Gaza? After all they are a lot richer than America and Gaza is so small it would probably cost the same to build as what the Saudi Princes spend in London and Monte Carlo gambling!

A reality check here again. The uneducated call Israel a country similar South Africa apartheid years, again this is based on misinformation . For example there are 400 mosques in Israel hundreds of Christian churches. Do you know how many Synagogues there are Arab countries like Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Syria? Let me tell you NONE so who's been raciest here? Do you even know what apartheid means? Let me tell you: 'system of segregation on grounds of race'. Unlike the blacks in the US or South Africa when segregation was a way of life, in Israel, Arab and Israeli's work together , Arab and Israeli children are schooled together, Arab and Israeli's play in the same soccer teams, There is NO segregation in hospitals where Arab and Israeli's share the same wards and the same doctors etc. So this again is all Palestinian bullshit propaganda to keep the Jew haters hating.

Life for Arabs is so much better than living in any other Arab country. This next chapter is probably the most important document you will read when referring to Arab rights in Israel:

Today, non-Jewish citizens of Israel constitute about 25% of the population, with 20% being Arabs. Arab Israelis have equal voting rights and their own political parties, serve on the Israeli Knesset, Cabinet, and Supreme Court; hold diplomatic positions; actively participate in the Israeli music and arts scene; and represent Israel on the national soccer team, including winning the Israeli national championship. They are granted all fundamental civil liberties, including freedoms of religion, speech, and assembly, and in fact enjoy more civil rights than Arabs living in any other Middle Eastern country. Israel is also the only country in the Middle East where Arab homosexuals can live without fear of prosecution, which is why many Palestinian gays have fled for Israel. Many Arab Israelis have spoken out in favor of Israel, and against allegations of an Israeli apartheid. Such claims have also been refuted by many others, including by Richard Goldstone, former Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, who presided over the UN report concerning the 2009 Gaza war.

So by trying to boycott Israel you are putting in danger unemployment of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians living and working in Israel and if your really believe Israel to be an apartheid state then the Palestinians will be first to lose their jobs.

My final question to you self proclaimed anti Zionists: What are you hoping to achieve by spreading hatred towards Israel because let me assure you all that will achieve is prolonging any chance of peace and if that's is your objective then you should have a serious rethink.

If you really believe that your time is better used by supporting an unjust cause please do it for Christians living in the Middle East where hundreds of thousands have been slaughtered simply because they believe in Christ. They don't lob rockets into Israel or try to knife Israeli Solders. You wont find Christian children endangering the life of Israeli families by throwing rocks into passing cars. Watch this short video to help you on your way to supporting these brutalized people. They too have a claim to Israel after all isn't it the birth place of Christ. Christians live freely in Israel among Jews and Arabs safe in the knowledge that their beliefs won't get them executed...

Now its up to YOU to spread the words of LOVE and not HATRED .....Please

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