Sunday, 31 July 2016

Israel supports anyone who is gay. Over 200 gay Palestinians joined the Gay parade in Israel last week . Now see how the Palestinians deal with gays. 

Homophobics supports the Arab world beliefs in 'Death To Gays' and now we know why, they hate Jews , they hate Gays in fact they love no one! They are a sad lonely bunch eaten by other's successes, so Israel holding one of the world largest Gay Parade really pisses them off. They would be delighted to see in Israel, Gays shot, hanged, thrown off buildings, stoned and dragged to their death behind a car or motorbike until the skin is removed from their body, in short 'skinned alive' (one of Hamas's favorite punishments).

So why do they hate Gays. So why do they hate Israel? So why do they hate any form of religion? In short hate is their way of trying to establish something in their small simple lives they crave for recognition. So of the questions might be answered if you see how many times they post articles either mentioning Hitler or Nazi Germany. They used their love for the Nazis by building it into their sad hatred for Israel but continuing to quote: 'Israel is like Nazi Germany. So what is the common thread? Hitler hated Jews, Hitler Hated Gays, Hitler hated everything that he didn't agree with. Hate was his blood line. They will print anything that is sexually pleasing to them like mothers breast feeding is a prime example. Sad as that sounds but remember these poor sods have little to no life of their own so I suppose what ever turns them on etc etc

If they didn't hate Israel, what would the post in their Facebook's, Blogs, Twitter etc. They hated when I wrote My Story because I didn't print what they believed were the Juicy Bits. But because I didn't they believe there was Juicy Bits. It their way of fantasizing. One of them is so obsessed with me (G-d know why) that he mentions my name EVERY day. Do I find that flattering, I suppose I do.

The differents with me and this bunch of losers is that I love life, I'm blessed with an amazing wife, three outstanding sons, 5 beautiful grandchildren, one about to arrive any minute and a stunning home. They hate all I stand for. Good luck to them and keep using my name maybe no one sees it but Mr G, it gives us both a laugh.

And this folks is how the hatred towards Israel is manufactured and the gullible continue to swallow it. They hear what they want to hear.

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