Sunday, 13 March 2016

Time for a reality check!

For those of you who are still sucked in by Hamas propaganda, lets now try to take a closer look at what lies behind the propaganda.

Lets start with this photograph that Hamas would like you to believe is simply a family apartment block bombed by the savage Israelis . True, but it doesn't only house innocent families it housed the rocket launchers that fired hundreds of deadly rockets into Israel. The family's were warned well in advance by Israel to leave the buildings , the only country in the history of war that ever warned citizens of a pending bombing campaign hours before the start. Its a well known fact reported by the UN that in many cases Hamas threatened to shoot their own people if they left the building in the belief that Israel wouldn't bomb knowing that it housed human shields. .... So here's the type of photo that Hamas want you to believe that most of Gaza looks like. WRONG!!!!

So believing this demonstration like the photograph below take place.....

But free Gaza from what? From starvation? from imprisonment, some calling it the largest prison in the world . So lets have a look at life in this so called prison and the poor starving people who live there... We'll start with the food shortage so often stated as one reason that Gaza should be freed... Here are some examples of the empty markets...

Time to look at life for the poor families of Gaza. The photo below is a typical propaganda photograph put out by Hamas of how difficult it is for ALL children and their families after Israels savage attacks...

But in reality you don't need much of a brain to see that this was a set up photograph. So lets have a look at the rest of Gaza ..What is life like for them .. Do they have a chance to go to the beach like the rest of us take for granted...You can bet your life they do......

Can you eat out in Gaza without being bombed by the Israeli savages , as Hamas would like to call gthem. or stay in a 5 star hotel? Sure you can....


Some prison!!!! not convinced yet... This might just let you at least open your mind.


Entrance of the millionaires club in Gaza which has over 1,200 members and growing at an extraordinary rate. So where are all these millionaire members coming from? Don't they live in a broken city called Gaza with little food and certainly no life style. Don't make me laugh! wonder if Lora Lucero is a member. Or does George Galloway no about this!!!

Gaza’s corrupt leaders and other Hamas officials now boast of having over 1,200 millionaires after 7 years of successful war profiteering, skimming and theft.

In recent media interviews, Professor Ahmed Karima of Al-Azhar University in Egypt noted that in recent years Hamas has blossomed into a movement of millionaires.

According to Karima, Hamas can boast no fewer than 1,200 millionaires among its leadership and mid-level officials.

That assertion was backed up by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, who in 2012 estimated the number of Gaza millionaires to be 800.

Dr. Ibrahim Abrash, a former Palestinian Minister of Culture from the Gaza Strip, recently surprised many Palestinians by publishing an article that included a scathing attack on both the PA and Hamas, holding them responsible for the continued suffering of their people.

This is a photograph of the The Blue Beach Resort Gaza, made up of 162 chalet-style rooms set among palm trees and overlooking the Mediterranean, hopes to become the "most significant tourist attraction and entertainment venue in Gaza,"
It COST? $29 MILLION to build ....So where did the money come from ????? Are you suckers beginning to feel a little cheated???...Lets continue.

Moemen Abu Ras is very proud of the Mercedes in his car business in Gaza City.
He opened this dealership months ago, importing cars from Germany via Israel and selling them in the Gaza Strip. So what is the Typical price of a Mercedes in Gaza? "We have a black 2014 Mercedes E-class sedan with 20,000 kilometers on it for sale on the lot for $80,000, give or take.The taxes are the killer,” said Abu Ras, who pays cash for the cars in Germany, ships them through the Israeli port of Ashdod and then pays duties and taxes to the, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

Palestinians living in Gaza have one of the most update Gyms in the Middle East where becoming a member cost a fortune but there is a large waiting list to join, so where all this money coming from after all don't they all live an impoverished life in a prison. Well that's what Hamas, George Galloway Lora Lucero etc would like us to believe!!!!

A mile away from the luxury car dealership is at the newly opened Techno Gym, Gazans pay about $200 a month (the average wage in Bulgaria is not much more per month!!!) for an all-inclusive membership at the air-conditioned sports club, which offers cardio workouts, hydrotherapy, spin classes, swimming lessons and high-end weight machines, indoor heated pool, restaurants etc.

Open your mind and ask the question: Would a terrorist organisation really lie to me?

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