Monday, 14 March 2016

I find this shocking and totally unacceptable that 39 people killed in a car bombing in the Turkish capital and no one seems to give a fuck!. 39 innocent people kissed their mums, dads, husbands and children goodbye today not knowing that is the last time they would ever see them as they set off to town. Standing innocently at a bus stop they were torn to shreds as Islamic terrorist once again attacked. No warning. just death. Turkey, like Syria are burying their dead this evening and not one of you anti Israel mob give a shit. These innocent people don't matter simply because they were not killed by an Israeli or a Jew. Just imagine you would of been celebrating in words this evening if the headlines read: Israeli savagely murdered 39 and injured over 100 many losing limbs and their only crime was waiting for a bus at the wrong time Surely you lot must feel some sort of shock, at least a little bit of revulsion. No I suppose not.

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