Wednesday, 16 March 2016

For those of you who don't already know her let me introduce my own true life hero Sally Becker. Sally Becker is an author and former leader of Operation Angel, a British charity. She has spent time volunteering in Bosnia and Kosovo and is credited with saving hundreds of lives. Becker continued her work on behalf of victims of war, opening centres for women and children suffering from trauma. In 2006 she brought aid to people trapped on the Israel/Lebanon border. In 2009, she became a Goodwill Ambassador for "Children of Peace", a multi-faith charity dedicated to building friendship, trust and reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian children. She is Director of their Youth Ambassador Program.

In 2012, she carried the Olympic flag on behalf of Peace and Justice at the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympic Games.

In 2013, Becker was diagnosed with breast cancer which did not show up on a mammogram or ultrasound. She is using her own experience to try to change the way in which women are screened in the hope that they can be helped before the disease has had a chance to spread.

Cancer or no cancer today Sally is off to Iraq to try and help the Yazidis who really need your support. There are 2,000 children in need of medical treatment and hundreds of orphans whose parents were killed by ISIS militants. The children are living in makeshift camps where healthcare is virtually non-existent.

Perhaps now you can understand why she is my hero and not some armchair humanitarian who spends her time spreading hatred through blogs (Lora take note, time you actually helped rather than talked). The world has a lot to learn from my hero Sally Becker.

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