Wednesday, 23 March 2016

AT LAST! I've said it time and time again and today's it's been announced that multiple countries are now looking towards Israel to defeat terror...

The IDF one of the worlds greatest fighting forces who are highly trained to deal with terror they face on a daily bases.

"If anyone in the world knows what the people of (Brussles) are going through its Israel and the Israeli citizens, who have stood valiantly and courageously in the face of terror for many years."

Whilst brainless nobody's continue to bang on about terrorism is only been brought about because of westerner interference. Think again!

Israels prime minister Netanyahu emphasized that terrorism is brought on not by despair or by occupation, but by hope.

"Terrorism does not stem from deprivation, frustration or occupation but from hope," explained Netanyahu. "It stems from the hope that ISIS will establish an Islamic caliphate in Europe."

"We must work together to deny them that hope," said Netanayhu.

"We are in a worldwide campaign against terrorism between the nations of the civilized world against the Sons of Darkness," Netanyahu said.

"Terrorism is striking everywhere - in Istanbul, Brussels, the Ivory Coast, Paris, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. Terrorism does not come from deprivation, but from murderous ideologies," he said.

"Do not be mistaken," he added. "We will defeat terrorism, but if the nations of the world join together, we will win it a lot faster. "

Take a long hard look at this man as he will be the person brave enough to defeat ISIS and all other terror organisations that dare to take him on.

Haven't read it yet but I'm sure the conspiracy theorists will come out shouting. Israel and the Jews are behind the Brussels bombing. Mind you nothing yet has been suggested maybe even they will not steep so low.

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