Saturday, 5 March 2016

More proof that people that are so full of hate and jealousy will stop at nothing to spread the venom. As most of you know I have very carefully picked the Facebook's and Blogs I read and deleted the rest. Reasoning being is that those that I have discarded are so full of rubbish that they are not worth considering. In one case though I have a good friend who has not only being following one of these morons but also has kept every bit of hatred, lies he has posted even those he believes will not see him punished by thinking he can distance himself by simply saying not my words. He uses many made up names including a frog, because they're slimy and a circus act because he's a pathetic uneducated clown that hasn't got ONE follower. He doesn't understated the workings of a blog and that when he copies and pastes story's from other authors, journalist and bloggers he thinks all that are following the original posting are now following him.

Mr G has sent me a very serious charge he has posted 'well known costa del sol celeb. picked up at a london airport and questioned about alleged historic sexual abuse.later released believed to be connected in the recent bcc tony enquiry.The 70 year old immediately flew out of britain back to Spain and has since not been able to be found in the costa del sol.He is believed to be in hiding at a fellow x dj ,retired singer ,who when broached at his current work place said I have no comment about the guest I have staying with my wife and I.

My lawyers have been handed this made up story and he will be asking the courts to ask two questions 1 Where did this story come from and 2. Who is it referring to. an X DJ and his wife. I wonder who this lier is trying to refer to... Fucking idiot.

So how does Mr G recognise this as a made up story^? Simple he tells me, firstly its not reported in any British Press or Local Press .Secondly, no capital letters in the words London , DJ, Costa del Sol, the BBC or Britain. His spelling is appalling i.e He spells the word enquiry instead of inquiry. His grammar as as a ten year old. So here is another sure sign its him says Mr G, if you see him using words like hasn't, can't and wasn't etc the clown ALWAYS writes them as: hasn,t , can,t and wasn,t etc...

Yes, he's sad and yes, he claims, he's a sick, pot smoking drunk, and as he would say 'not my words but his'. He still must be brought up before the courts for the lies and innuendos he makes. He said he has nothing to lose, as his defense. We shall see about that.

Now you will possibly understand why I don't bother to read his blog. I remember Mr G saying once that he posted that he can see me reading his blog. More lies I suppose or he has technology that hasn't been invented yet.

So keep it up the case has taken over two years to prepare but nothing so blatant as this has come up for a long time.

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