Sunday, 20 March 2016

A message for Lora Lucero. What a fucking raciest you are. i.e This taken from you blog today: 'Violence is a no-win option in every case. Whether it’s political factions vying for power or revenge (Palestine).' (Please note the word 'REVENGE) 
Even you Lora must see the irony in this bias one sided statement. Let me help you or any of the other poor sods sorry brainless idiots that follow you. Unless your living on the moon you will know that almost daily a Palestinian attempts to murder an Israeli by simply walking up to them in broad daylight and trying to knife him or her to death (see video sample below). When this happens more often than not the attempted murderer WILL BE SHOT! Now back to your ridicules statement. If an Israeli shoots a Palestinian who attempts to knife them you call them murderers!  On the other hand the Palestinian who carries out this barbaric act you call it 'REVENGE'. Lady you are one sick human being who is so full of hatred towards Israeli's that the acts against  Palestinians  i.e the Egyptians, the Syrians etc don't seem to matter to you unless its an Israeli!!!!

A Palestinian woman attacked an Israeli security guard with a knife at the entrance of Beitar Illit settlement in the West Bank

Security Camera Footage of a savage terror attack which left one man moderately wounded in Ra'anana was released to the public.
The footage depicts a man in a bright orange vest walk slowly up to an unsuspecting civilian waiting at a bus stop. The attacker suddenly fastens his stride, pulls out a knife and stabs the victim multiple times in the neck and body.

Israeli police released footage on Tuesday showing a Palestinian man in Jerusalem ramming his vehicle into pedestrians and then getting out and attacking them with a machete-like weapon. Footage showed the driver getting out of the car and stabbing one of the pedestrians who was knocked down earlier after being hit by the vehicle while waiting at the bus stop. The attacker later stabbed another man before being shot by a private security guard.

Look at these attacks on innocent Israeli that now go on daily and believe this is the way that peace will be achieved. You should hang your head in shame!!!!

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