Sunday, 13 March 2016

The poor woman Lora Lucero who is desperately trying to set herself up as the new Mother Teresa to Gaza unfortunately suffer from delusions of grandeur meaning a false impression of one's own importance. Why do I say this , Simple Ive taken a piece from her diary which I follow with interest: Day #532After 5 hours (about 3.5 hours of questions) I finally was given permission to enter Palestine – Israel. My notoriety preceded me … my name was flagged in the computer at the border with Jordan. And the Israeli security officials were aware of my blog … WHY GAZA?

Sorry to disappoint you Ms Lucero but not you nor anyone can know what is or isn't flagged in the Israeli's security computer systems, if one could, terrorists could look up in advance to see if they are flagged or not before he or she attempts to enter Israel! You say your 'notoriety' precedes you as the Israeli security officials were aware of your blog. 'Why Gaza'. I'm sure you would love to believe that, if the IDF were aware the last person they would tell is YOU. you would be flagged but you would know nothing about it until you step out of line, then and only then would you be arrested and questioned.

So Ms Lucero, I suggest you read my post prior to this and you'll see you too have been sucked in by ridicules propaganda. Gaza will survive without you sticking your nose in and perhaps stirring up more hatred rather than help anisette some kind of peace! If you really believe that you need to help those who so unjustly suffer. Catch the next plane to Africa because my dear lady you will NEVER see suffering like this in Gaza.

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