Saturday, 26 March 2016

The marked difference between the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and the terrorist organisation Hamas that controls Gazza, is simple to understand. Like any other democratic army in the world ,If an IDF solder is suspected of a serious crime they will be court marshaled and if found guilty will be jailed. This was very evident last week, when on Thursday, Military Police arrested a Israeli soldier who was seen firing a shot to the head of an already wounded Palestinian terrorist, as he lay on his back in a Hebron street. 
The Israeli Military Prison is a prison is for IDF soldiers who committed crimes during their service. It is estimated that 15,000-18,000 Israeli soldiers (not to be confused with Palestinian detainees) go through an Israeli military prison or detention center every year. Presently the estimated number of IDF prisoners that are held in military prisons are 14,000.
This is very different to Hamas's way of dealing with a Palestinian who murders and Israeli in cold blood. They are awarded up to $25,000 (sponsored by Iran) and hailed as hero's and receive many benefits.

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