Thursday, 31 December 2015

Watch this video and then ask yourself why the fuck do I hate Israel.

Israel is a welcoming country were all religions are welcome, were all colors and races live together. were 1.6 million Muslims live. How many Jews live in Gaza. Correct not one, why because their not allowed. Israel welcomes gays and doesn't hang them It was announced today the Marijuana for medical use is now legal. Israel encourages temples and churches to be built. How many churches or synagogues are there in Saudi Arabia. Correct none, not allowed. Israel is tolerant of religious dress, were most countries in Europe are banning the Muslim Women wearing Burkas.

Israel will ONLY attack in retaliation. Hamas encourages attacking Israelis by knifing them which is becoming an epidemic on the streets of Israel. Hamas teaches the Palestinians to be killed while your trying to kill a Jew is an honor and you will die as a martyr welcomed into heaven by 72 virgins.

Many Muslim countries encourage rape and the abuse of women They encourage the marriage of children to old Muslim men. This would find you a life prison sentence in Israel.

Capital punishment is banned in Israel, you will never see a hanging or beheading. Israel is free, free to live as you like , free to believe what you want, unlike most Muslim countries.

Media is NOT censored, TV and radio broadcast what they want. Israel allows the celebration of ALL religious holidays. Muslim countries do not.

Now ask yourself why do you hate Jews and Muslims? It just doesn't add up.

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