Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Firstly let me thank Mr G for his help in tracking down the lies and inaccuracy that are posted on social media. Most of you know who he is but I feel it's unimportant to give out his full name for many reasons.

Last night he sent me possibly the most outlandish anti Semite article I had ever read and felt I needed to do a little research just to assure myself of the rubbish it contained. So first of all a synopsis of the story that could have been written by a Hollywood Horror author.


MB: So what this is saying; an Israeli woman need a liver transplant, calls up the Israeli army, they go out find a Palestinian woman , slaughter her and remove her liver. Yep folks this is exactly the hate message this writer is trying to make us believe!!! Ill carry on:

Video after video proves the IDF aren’t soldiers but evil, racist, cowardly thugs. Of course mainstream media never show videos which would prove that for decades Palestinian kids have been used as target practice. Now young women are being executed in cold-blood and body parts removed! .

MB: Enough of this ludicrous nonsense! lets show what doing research will teach you:

The first thing I need to point out that this journalist is NOT Jewish in fact he very pro Palestinian and works on Arab owned Al Jazeera Television as factual news reporter. This report you about to read was broadcast on Iranian owned Press TV and printed in the Arab owned THE ELECTRONIC INTIFADA.

The headline reads: Baseless organ theft accusations will not bring Israel to justice

Matthew Cassel:

On Friday I was invited to appear on Press TV (Iran’s international English-language satellite channel) alongside Donald Bostrom, a Swedish journalist who authored the recent article about the Israeli army stealing the organs of young Palestinian men it had killed in 1992 during the first Palestinian intifada. I surprised the producers at Press TV who I don’t think invited me to argue the article’s legitimacy, but instead reaffirm its claims.

After the show, a producer in Tehran thanked me and told me that it was nice to get someone from the “other side.” But I had to make it clear, that I was not from the “other side” as she meant it. I support uncovering human rights violations and war crimes wherever they occur, especially in Palestine, where I have worked for many years. I do believe Bostrom’s intentions were to do much the same but that his process was highly irresponsible. The problem is not that he is accusing the State of Israel of wrongdoing, but that he is making accusations of what would amount to extremely serious war crimes while providing absolutely no evidence to support his claims. Rather than advancing the cause of Palestinian human rights, such behavior hurts the many organizations, journalists, activists and others working tirelessly to expose and document Israel’s numerous violations of international law committed against Palestinians and people of other Arab nations in recent decades.

Bostrom’s article lacks credibility for a number of reasons. In the opening paragraph he tells the story of Levy Rosenbaum, a Jewish man in New York linked to illegal trafficking in human organs with counterparts in Israel. While Rosenbaum has admitted to buying organs from destitute Israelis, until now there has been nothing outside Bostrom’s article to suggest that this trade involved the organs of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army.

Rosenbaum has also admitted to being involved in the trade for the past ten years which is well after 1992, when Bostrom claims the organ theft may have occurred in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Other than Israel being involved, there is no evidence to make a direct link between these incidents. It is poor journalism on Bostrom’s part to use a timely event and try to connect it to something that happened nearly two decades earlier without offering any evidence.

Bostrom also refers to Palestinians disappearing for days at a time and who have in many cases returned dead. This is known to have occurred before, especially Palestinians being arrested and taken to detention centers without the Israeli authorities bothering to inform the families. This is something that has been reported on and documented by numerous Palestinian human rights organizations. Israel may have even performed autopsies on the bodies without the families’ consent, as Bostrom reports. He publishes a horrific photograph of one of these bodies alongside the article, but again, this is not proof that organs in that person’s body were removed and sold, or given to Israelis in need, as the author implies.

Israel’s tactics of intimidation are not justified by Bostrom’s article, which is nothing more than an example of irresponsible journalism and publishing. The editors at the Swedish daily Aftonbladet who published this piece, should’ve sent it back to the author and told him to investigate the issue further until he found evidence to corroborate his claims. If there is any basis for the organ theft allegations, diligent reporting would bring it out. As Malcolm X said, “Truth is on the side of the oppressed;” all we need is to collect the evidence to prove it.

MB: By this time your probably wondering why you ever believed the original report that Israelis actually did steal Palestinians organs. To read the rest of this article copy and paste this link:

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