Thursday, 3 December 2015

Jeremy Corbyn, left, scowled as Hilary Benn, centre , gave the speech of his political career in the Commons

When the buffoon Jeremy Corbyn was voted in as leader of the Labour Party I said he would never last. I'm now been proven correct, even his own party members have turned against him as Labour front bencher Hilary Benn blew self proclaimed,pacifist Corbyn, out of the water with incredible speech convincing Labour rebels to back strikes in Syria - leaving Commons applauding and his Corbyn squirming.
I was delighted to see Labour grandees including Dame Margaret Beckett, Alan Johnson and Yvette Cooper were among leading figures to defy their leader and support David Cameron's plans to bomb terrorists in their Syria stronghold.
My bets now are on Corbyn been dumped as party leader and Benn taking the leadership.

What really gets on my tits from the self proclaimed pacifist club, who are now looking like a bunch of fucking idiots, they are spending all their time posting ridicules theories as to who's to BLAME for ISIS naming America, UK and Israel as guilty. My message to these idiots: Who now gives a fuck. Are you going to blame Richard Gatling for inventing the first fire arm? What matters now is destroying the Islamic State and show your support for those that are helping to do so.

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