Friday, 18 December 2015

Hands up who believes the bullshit conspiracy theorists put out! This bullshit, like who killed Kennedy, 9/11 and Princess Diana's death etc, all have a common thread; they all blame Mossad. Not questioning for a moment that this is all a pack up rubbish and the facts being; not one arrest has EVER been made, why because its bullshit. Not one of these events according to their bullshit has EVER been proven, but there are fucking idiots out there who still believe the rubbish that's put out so millions of you, sorry thousands of you running out and buy these idiots books etc.

Want a laugh the same crazy lot who blame Mossad for everything, from the weather to Oxford Streets Christmas lights malfunctioning on Israel now they have come up with their craziest theory since so David Icke claims the royal family are derived from lizards!!!

Conspiracy theorists produce 'evidence' that Vladimir Putin is IMMORTAL... Don't believe me? Have a look at the proof..

A photograph from almost 100 years ago has some on social media convinced that Russian leader Valdimir Putin is immortal.
The picture, taken in 1920, shows a Russian solider who has an uncanny resemblance to the country's current leader.
What's more, another photo taken of a Russian solider in 1941 also looks just like Putin and the man who was pictured 20 years prior.
Some think this is definitive proof that Putin is much more than a 63-year-old workout buff with a penchant for riding horses shirtless.
These people instead believe he is a mythical creature who is ageless and can time travel.

Mind you these people also believe ET Phone Home, little green men and UFO's

Now you just might be questioning your idiotic beliefs at this time. Here's another clue for you. Have a look at the videos these group of mad men put up to try to convince you they are some kind of scientific experts etc and again you'll find a common thread , they are all presented by people that have never been heard of and in a year are two disappear making room for the next lot.

Now off you go and start putting this on your Facebook's etc...You sad lot of morons.

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