Friday, 25 December 2015

Need to complain about something, pretend your humanitarians? Try this for size!

Photo of plump prisoner Kuntar drives rare Arab praise of Israel on Facebook

Facebook post by an Arab journalist comparing the wretched condition of Syrian prisoners with that of well-fed Palestinians serving time in Israel has gone viral, eliciting surprising praise of Israeli practices from across the Arab world.

Need something extra to cry about. Have a look at the continuing fakes that you morons belive.

How about this. Do I hear a noise, is it you crying for these poor souls that are hung out to dry because their gay? No don't be silly, Israel didn't hang them so why should you humanitarians give a fuck!

Beginning to get the message? Wheres Israel in all this savagery. The only pictures you morons print are fakes! You area farcical lot!

So here's a little quiz. Which photos of Gaza to you gthink are rfeal olr fake? This one?

Or this one?

Did I here someone say: Gaza is a prison? Yep I think I did.

Do you see Jews marching our streets inciting hatred?

Do we see Israeli's kicking baby's to death? Now let me think, no I don't think so. But I do read your lies about Israelis purposely murdering children.

Do you know anything of Israel’s Heart for Peace?
At Hadassah Medical Center, a mixed team of Israeli and Palestinian cardiologists has cared for 607 Palestinian children at no charge.

Did you ever report the truth about this bombing of a hospital in Gaza. That was later confirmed as the truth. No I think not!

Report: The UN peace core in the Middle East.
Blaming Israel for bombing Gaza hospital and refugee camp when it was Hamas-launched rockets that fell short and hit Gaza
The Gaza Strip’s main hospital and the third largest Palestinian refugee camp were both struck by failed rocket attacks launched by Gaza terrorists. 

Some of you report you cry for the Palestinians kept in a prison sate in Gaza but yet you never mention other Arab states and their savagery again I ask the simple question. Is it because Israel is not involved?

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