Sunday, 27 December 2015

A message to the anti Semitic scum. Try putting this on your Facebook's or Blogs. No I thought not Israel not to blame, or are they.

British doctor being attacked at Islamic hospital for being a women. This is Islam. The religion of peace.
Posted by Jonathan David Bustin on Monday, 7 December 2015

Received this email today from Mr G.

from: <>
date: 26 December 2015 at 13:28
subject: Idiots

Hi Maurice,

A very Happy Christmas to you Wendy and family. May your outstanding successes continue.

I had to send you this. its jut so off the page its nothing but a farce!!!

Im not going to even mention where I saw this :

The video, where the disabled Palestinian young man got killed In COLD blood by ZIONIST Egypt. The sea FULL with blood cry emoticon
Alberto Smith Saravia wrote:
Egyptian soldiers shot and killed a young mentally-ill Palestinian man swimming in the sea off Rafah, despite Gazan security yelling to them that the man was impaired. He crossed only feet into Egyptian territory and was clearly not doing ANYTHING except swim – he was naked, for goodness sake – but that was enough to kill him for. The Egyptians have learned much from their Zionist masters…

WHAT THE FUCK IS A ZIONIST EGYPTIAN ???? is that like a Jewish cowboy. or Tonto Cohen the Jewish Red Indian???

I love the end of this made up report blaming the Zionist for the murder of a Palestinian by the Egyptian Army.... While your at it, Ive just read the flooding in UK is caused by Jews!!!

Ive just read Reuters report on this which ends 'Cairo has accused Hamas for the shootings, who are close to the Muslim Brotherhood, of helping militants in Egypt's Sinai desert, which borders on Gaza, attack its security forces. Hamas denies this.

NOTE Not ONE mention of Zionists, Jews or Israel. What happens here is that the anti Semite brigade take articles and rehash them by inserting Israel, Jew or Zionist to continue the momentum of hate . and idiots fall for it and help by posting these articles so they too can continue the circle of hate towards Jews (code name Zionists).

What a pack of fucking morons they are. I've just realized the reason this kind crap is posted it is simply because the morons lap it up and believe every word. Bless them.


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